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  • Wendee - After months of looking for a lightweight stroller!!After months of looking for a lightweight stroller I am sticking with this one!

    Pros: Lightweight, easy to push, medium sized basket, easy fold, 5 point harness that is hard to open,built solid, large canopy, decent recline.

    Cons: I think seat back should sit up straighter, no parent tray, cup holder or child tray comes with the stroller (You can purchase these), handle does not adjust, I would like to see a one handed recline for laying back and sitting upright.

    Fact is I wanted lightweight, big canopy, folds up quick and small and doesn't brake the bank. This stroller does all this and is well built and easy to push!
  • S. A. ROBBINS "shirley_rw" - An improved Roku.We have an earlier Roku but wanted the additional channels only available with later models and this model provides that. It also provides full HD 1080p. Overall works great but actually prefer the earlier remote that had the ok in the middle of the arrow buttons. I even downloaded an app for my Android tablet that allows me to control the Roku 3 from my tablet but more importantly I can send photos to the HDTV. I can easily create a slideshow of our grandkids and show the photos on our HDTV that is connected to the Roku and do this wirelessly by streaming from the tablet to the Roku. However, the Roku 3 now lacks the audio/video outputs as it only has an HDMI output. I used to feed a separate stereo with the audio output but can't do that any longer. Other than that, this is an improved Roku and glad I bought it.
  • Marlene Green "Wishing You Great Health, Happ... - Ladies, You MUST READ THIS!!!The real world advice in this book is dead on! Any woman struggling at any stage and any age to find "the right man" will benefit from reading this book. The author is raw and direct but speaks the truth about what ALL women face when dealing with men.

    There's TONS of wisdom here and one of the best is "First, Choose to ONLY be attracted to men who treat you well" - this is deeply profound because so many of us accept crap from men, make excuses for their mistreatment & disrespect of us, plus we lower our standards!

    I contend that this should be MANDATORY READING for women of ALL ages on how to wield The Power of the Pussy to get ONLY THE BEST of what you want & deserve!

    Don't hesitate to buy it now & savor it! It's PRICELESS! Guaranteed to Enjoy & Learn what you need to change or improve!!!
  • SteveB27 - Still Tops in My BookI am a computer science professor and have tried and used a number of free and commercial products. Like any Internet Security software "suite", (like me) it is not perfect, but NONE of them are. It does work well and relatively quickly. One of the main features I appreciate is their free 24/7 chat support. Again, not perfect, but I have always managed to get situations worked out, often at very odd times and during holidays. If you get this product with their recurring rebates, it is pretty inexpensive (sometimes free), superior to any free products, and one of the better commercial products. The 3 PC license is a great cost saver.
  • Theolic Smith - Stellar year for this essential seriesA characteristically strong collection with a wide range of fictional techniques and stylistic choices. It would be difficult to find a "workshop story" in this collection (even though one story, Capo Crucet's gem "How To Leave Hialeah," takes us inside an MFA workshop and many of the stories are written by writers who teach in writing programs, have come from writing programs or both). In her intro to the collection, Laura Furman describes these stories as containing "end-of-the world honesty" that often explores isolation, destruction and violence, and though Furman is right about the intensity of these stories and their ability to disrupt and engage, they might also simply be described as stories that lead us behind the velvet rope into hidden worlds.

    Many of the stories travel in time or geography: Jim Shepherd takes us to 1939 Switzerland and a man who is researching avalanches; Tamas Dobozy gives us WWII Hungary; Lily Tuck takes us on an Antarctic cruise; Susan Minot shows us doomed affair in Kenya; Lori Ostlund gives us a couple teaching English in Malaysia; Jane Delury takes us to Madagascar and the complex love affair between a teacher and her student; Leslie Parry tells the story of a mute actor in a silent film; David Means follows Midwestern hobos; Matthew Neill Null goes back in time to follow a door-to-door salesmen in early West Virginia. Other stories leave the real world and slip into the fantastical--Chris Adrian describes a black square that you can go into but never return from, Lynn Freed's tells the fable of a man who systematically collects, trains and rapes children and the feral child who disables this system; Helen Simpson provides the haunting diary of a woman trying to survive the apocalypse. Some stories make the familiar new and strange: Elizabeth Tallent gives us a man trying to save his son from his bad choices in a dying mill town in California, Capo Crucet follows a young woman from Miami to academia in New England and the Midwest and her efforts to retain her identity in the process; Mark Slouka goes hiking in Washington State with a divorced man and his young son; Adam Foulds shows us a gay minister, his inattentive clubbing lover and his desire to be a parent; Judy Doenges takes us into the world of the meth trade; Kenneth Calhoun follows a young man who is smitten with the old men blues musicians who let him perform in their band.

    And yet, in spite of the vividness with these worlds are revealed none of these stories are easy, confessional reads but stories that require slow reading and close attention to what is said and what is elided. Many stories play with reader expectations through language, time, and narrative distance--each story setting up its own rules for how it should be read. This collection is not just an enjoyable set of stories but an education in what the short story can do.

    Anyone interested in short stories should be buying this collection (and Best American Short Stories, too) every year, just to give yourself an intelligently chosen sampler of what's going on out there. And if, like me, you write fiction and hope to get it published, this becomes an even more essential purchase.