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  • Reader 17 - wonderful bookWhen this book started, I thought it would be about a woman who was ill and how she would deal with her illness. It was so much more! Jess Walter is a fine writer, weaving so many different types of characters into this story, and blending them until each became a story unto itself. I so enjoyed the Hollywood story as well as that of the Italian village on the cliff. I also couldn't read fast enough so that i would find out how these varied time period stories would come together to form a unified whole. I highly recommend this book, and would read any other Jess Walter's books in the future. Sit back and let yourself enjoy Beautiful Ruins.
  • Christian M - Clear, Concise, but not ComprehensiveFirst, compared to my classmate's 2011 First Aid, the 2012 version is a clear improvement. Color images are an absolute must for histology, pathology, etc.

    This is a book that is a complete overview of the most important concepts that one should learn in medical school. The breadth is great, but it does not contain EVERYTHING, just everything the authors deem to be most important. And they do a pretty darn good job.

    Only thing missing in First Aid are review questions, but there are hundreds of resources for those, and First Aid even guides you to them with their resource grades.

    Bottom line: You can't beat a resource like this for $30. There is a reason why this is probably the most popular review book at my school.
  • Linda Rowland - This plan works!I love this book! I've tried for years to lose weight and gone on many fad diets in the process. The result was temporary weight loss, but, ultimately I was bigger when it was all over and my metabolism was a mess. Pomroy's book has changed my life. I've lost 26 pounds following her advice and have shared the book with several friends who have also all lost significant amounts of weight. It is easy to follow, so long as you are willing to learn to love your veggies, and it works! That's the works! Give the Fast Metablolism Diet 28 days and see for yourself. You will be smaller, feel better, and have a renewed relationship with food. The biggest problem you'll have will be having to buy clothes in smaller sizes!
  • Veronica - LOVE this product!LOVE this product! After just a few uses I saw a great improvement in the lines around my eyes and on my forehead. It even made my skin glow in a dewy way that no other product or treatment at the spa has. After two months of using I have virtually no lines around my eyes anymore. Would recommend this over an expensive treatment at spa or botox any day!