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  • Dirk J. Willard "Dirk Willard" - CP magazine rates this series of defense software as the bestThe antivirus is good, total security is better. With total security you get the following protection:
    1) Software updates (vulnerability scans).
    2) Password strength checks.
    3) Maintenance --- defrag, registry, etc.
    4) Constant monitoring of facebook and other accounts for intrusions.
    5) Software firewall.
    6) File encryption and shreading.

    As I said, CP magazine recommends this antivirus package over everybody else.

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  • Think Banned Thoughts "Think Banned Thoughts" - Taft - A President for All TimesWhat I loved most about Taft 2012 was the absolute truth at the heart of it. Jason Heller's deft satirical portrayal of American politics is reminiscent of Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal". Not that Jason is suggesting we start eating our babies, more that he is hinting, oh so subtly, that the state of modern politics is already eating our babies, or at least our humanity, and with it our hope.

    And yet, as he points out, we do still hope. We all still blindly, and somewhat stupidly, hope that this race will be different, this politician will be different, this election will bring about true change.

    Ultimately Taft 2012 is much less about a "werewalrus" of a man, resurrected after a hundred years to lead our nation to glory, than it is about a simple, humble, honest man trying to navigate the muddy, murky, tainted waters of modern American politics.

    In William Howard Taft we see ouselves, our own innocence reborn. Our own desperate wish to believe that the system works, and that it's looking out for our best interest:

    Abby - All three and a half feet and six years of her - piped up. "They showed us a video in school. They make this stuff with smushed turkey. The bones and everything. They make pink toothpaste out of turkey and then color it with turkey color."
    Taft looked at the forkful that hovered a mere inch from his open mouth. "Oh, really? That's quite an imagination you have, little one! Back in my day, President Theodore Roosevelt passed the Pure Food and Drug Act. Things like that aren't allowed to make it to market."

    While Taft 2012 explores the deep recesses of American politics, it remains at all times a humorous and lighthearted look at the seedy underbelly. From Taft's night out drinking and whoring to his secret service agent's classified notes on "Big Boy" and his antics, the stump speeches, television interview, tender moments with the last living constituent from his era, Taft's outrage at learning how campaign financing works in the modern era, reading Taft 2012 is like getting an all access pass to the three-ring Election circus. Both touching and terrifying, but ultimately illuminating - it reminds us that politicians are people too. Not demons, not angels, certainly not saviors - just people doing the best they can with what WE give them.
  • JohnnyC - Always had good luck with McAfeeI have always had good luck with McAfee products, and although the founder of the company is now being sought as a murder suspect, it doesn't mean his software is not solid. This was easy to install, ran well, and did the job. As one of the standard-bearers of the anti-virus software franchises, you can't go wrong with McAfee. I have two home computers, and the multi-user feature worked well. I was able to install and run auto-updates no problem.

    I am currently running this version on my home machines, and have not had a problem with either viruses or system performance.

    I can recommend this or other McAfee products without hesitation.
  • Katie - Love this strollerWe originally had the blue version and although super cute, I felt the black one would be easier to keep clean and liked that it would be a bit darker in case she wanted to lay flat and take a nap. We ended up giving the blue one to the grandparents and keeping the black for ourselves. Very lightweight and easy to use and extrememly smooth to push. I wish the basket was a bit bigger but that is kind of expected with umbrella strollers. I would defnitely recommend!