Kerala Medical Services Corporation Ltd - The Kerala Medical Services Corporation Limited - KMSCL is a fully owned Government of Kerala company set up in 2007 for providing services to the various health care institutions under the Department of Family Welfare and Health

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  • Y. Bartsch "yvebart" - A miracle indeedThis book is not only a life saver for those who are already sick but those who want to prevent illness. A very quick and easy read and eye opening information.

    Everyone should read this and do the protocol in the book and we will all live long, healthy and illness-free lives. Highly recommend this book.
  • INGRID - It works perfect and combine with a little exercise u loose weight.If the purpose that you are looking for is to clean yourself and feel that all your colon is getting clear and clean this is the product for you. It makes you feel that all you are eating and needs to get out your body it will come out. You will go to the bathroom 'cause it is part of the process but it is not a crazy thing like you won't have time to go to the toilet like some people says. It makes you loose weight a bit 'cause the food it is not staying as longer as before in your body and if you combine with exercise it is even better and fast results. I take the tablets as it says the medication and works for me.
  • George W. Albertina - The introduction of Trip - Hop1991 was an amazing year for music. There were many great and influential albums. But this group from Bristol, England single- handedly invented a new type (or genre) of music that would get the silly name of Trip -Hop. But what's in a name anyway ? Massive Attack stood the world of music on it's ear with this landmark disc. I don't know anyone who has listened to this disc a few times who didn't love it. I won't try to describe the music, I'll just tell you that it was so unique (in 1991) that it changed music in the 90's as much, if not more, than any other disc has done before. Get this CD and your buying a landmark disc that should be in everyone's collection.
  • VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER - ***SUPER PRODUCT***I am so very HAPPY with this product, I did not think plain tap water would be able to cleanse the vaginal area as good as this product does. I have truly tried EVERY vaginal cleansing product their is available, they would work for a few hours, then the odor would come back. I was HIGHLY embarrassed. But WATER WORKS, works ALL DAY, and you have no ODOR at all. It worked the same day I used it.

    I was very scared at first to spend $69 on this product, but it got so many wonderful reviews I had to try it, and Boy am I happy I did. You need nothing but plain TAP WATER and 2minutes of your time in the shower. That's it!!! I highly recommend this product!! THANK YOU WATER WORKS!!! THANK YOU!!!
  • Jennifer Mezey - Great ProductI have had this for several years and love it. This is a great product if you drink more than maybe 1-2 liters of soda (or sparkling water) per week.

    1. It is very easy to use anywhere and uses no electricity.

    2. It allows you to control how fizzy your soda is.

    3. You can use tap water or start out with filtered water, which gives you a better tasting and healthier soda.

    4. SodaStream bottles keep your soda fizzy way longer than the bottles you buy at the store.

    5. No lugging bottles of soda from the store, finding a place for them in your house, and dealing with recycling.

    6. Despite what some older reviews say, it is now easy to find places to exchange the co2 canister. I do it at my local hardware store. But they last a long time, so you don't have to get a new one very often. They cost around $15 to exchange.

    7. GREAT for the environment. Re-use one SodaStream bottle literally hundreds of times instead of hundreds of bottles from the store.

    8. Save money. Yes it is more expensive than it should be (isn't eveything!), but this machine pays for iteslf in about a year (depending on how much soda you drink) and then saves you a ton. It saves even more even faster if you are using it to replace more expensive drinks like Perrier and Red Bull.

    If you are considering this product, you probably should buy it. Also a good gift.