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  • Peter - Playstation 4 ExcelsSo I have held off reviewing the Playstation 4 until I could get a couple weeks of play time on it. So far in one word, impressed. This is not to say there isnt room for improvement. Lets get some negatives out of the way. Some chat capabilities are limited due to headphones not working. The mic they give players, often sounds fuzzy in games and is annoying. That is the one part I was hoping would be fixed when compared to the Bluetooth mic problem on PS3. I feel as though the UI is much easier to navigate on PS3. When I player sends you a message, you no longer can read the message scrolling up on top, it just says message. Also when you hit the PS button, it is labor intensive to get to said message to read its content. You cannot just press the PS button to get back in the game, you again have to navigate through the UI. On PS3, you could hover messages so when you press the PS button, it took you to your last spot so you didnt have to keep navigating through the UI, hope this gets patched.

    The positives, the graphics are amazing. All the titles compared to the PS3 equivalent have noticeable improvements in clarity and detail, especially apparent on my 60 inch television. The ability to have party chat really makes chat easier between friends, especially if they are playing in different lobbies or games altogether. You no longer have to have a party chat with text. Settings seem to be a bit easier to configure, less complicated for the inexperienced gamer/owner when compared to PS3. I personally do not like to integrate my personal information through facebook or a profile, so I am happy Playstation allowed users to bypass that. There is no need for people I only know "online" to have access to personal information.

    Another positive is the PS4 is much quieter in operation than the PS3 ever was. I can barely here it working. Downloads seem to download faster and just seems real fluid. Remember, its still early, but there is already a ton of polish on the PS4, but it will still get buffed to make it shinier and easier to use. I purchased PSN Plus, and love the games they provide us for free. I cannot afford to buy new games all the time, but to be able to get a few games free a month to keep it fresh is awesome.

    If you are on the fence, I would say go ahead and pull the trigger on a PS4 if you can find one. Sony also allows you to purchase a 3 year warranty through PSN if you are interested for about 59 dollars. If the PS3 is an example, they will have a low failure rate, but I am sure there is always a chance something can happen. My brother in law has the XBOX One. When compared to the XBOX, the PS4 seems much more refined. Also the graphical difference is easily seen on games such as COD Ghosts and NBA 2k14. This was all tested on my Panasonic Plasma 60 in television. Hope to you see you online soon!
  • Pacific North West - The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All DiseasesThis is a great book. Read it and see how much money is wasted on drugs that don't really fix what they are intended to.
  • Nicholas E. O'neill "allfacebook editor" - I'm looking forward to this book becoming a reality!Robert Scoble & Shel Israel helped accelerate the blogging movement with their "Naked Conversations" book. Like their prior book, they're are at the cutting edge of a much broader trend. It also perfectly captures this moment in time just as they did in their prior work. What will be most exciting is watching the future of context unfold as masterfully articulated in this book!
  • R. Bradshaw - Amazed it actually workedI was amazed that it actually worked over night!? I bought 2 bottles of the mouthwash (this item) and the starter kit ( I rarely have the tonsil stones some people mention but mainly notice that i have a lot of white build up on my tongue (which tastes rank).

    Last night I used the mouth wash (green bottle), 2nd mouth wash (tablet mix), throat spray and nasal drops (i wanted to be sure!) I woke up this morning with no usual bitter / bad taste in my mouth, i can't smell any bad breath at all and my tongue surface is perfectly pink for the first time in ... i don't know how long.

    I really am amazed as I partly thought this whole Therabreath + Dr. Katz thing sounded dodgy... like a typical infomercial product. Although I couldn't ignore all the amazon appraisals so tried it and I'm really pleased. I might post back after a month with what else i find.