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  • S. Tracey - A MUST HAVE CHAIRAfter buying the Regalo Hook Up Chair, I returned it the same day, it was TERRIBLE. I then ordered this one and it couldn't be more perfect. It is very sturdy, padded and easy to attach and detach. It folds up to store and it's easy and light weight to take with you. I couldn't believe it hooked onto every table in my home!!! I ordered this chair on Monday and got it on Wednesday. I HIGHLY recommend this chair, it is worth every dime.
  • - I wish I had found this book 16 years ago.I've had UC for 16 years, and have taken a myriad of drugs which stopped the progression of the disease, but never made me feel normal again.I got this book one month before my most recent Gastroenterologist exam. After getting this book I started the diet EXACTLY as stated in the book. Within 2 1/2 weeks my Ulcerative Colitis symptoms were gone. I don't recommend this but, during week 3 I quit my meds and in week 4 I visited the doc. He said my UC was gone, which I already knew.It is unfortunate that so many doctors don't think that diet plays much of a role in Ulcerative Colitis or many other dieases for that matter. This book just shows you how to eat to cure your digestive system, and it works like no drug ever could. Thanks to this book I am medication free and in remission again.Thanks Elaine
  • ShopperGirl - Perfect For The Little TravelerI purchased the Owl backpack for my daughter, which was absolutely adorable and she loves it, so I thought this would be a perfect piece for her. She started wheeling it around the house as soon as we got it out of the box. She is almost 3 (a bit over the average height) and it is a perfect size for her, as long as it isn't too heavy. We have been using it to travel between our houses and it holds about a weeks worth of clothes. Haven't taken it through the airport yet but I have very high hopes it will work just as well. It is great Skip Hop quality and the wheels have withstood the current wear and tear. I would recommend this for anyone who travels and their child is interested in wheeling their own bag.
  • denise tricarico - Excellent car seat!Manufactured in 2012, high quality, fast delivery. I paid only $100 with the $50 instant rebate which is an awesome deal considering they retail in the store for $270. I think the green looks better than photographed. Its soft and breathable. Way better quality than the Graco that I had before.
  • T. Woodbury - WOW!!! Our family loves our AreoGrow Garden!!We have had our AreoGrow Garden for just over a month and we are already eating fresh herbs. We love to cook with fresh herbs, but I have never liked going out to the garden to pick them, then having to wash any little bugs off them before cooking. We tried purchasing herbs from the grocery store, but they can be a bit expensive and need to be used on a timely basis. Then one day I saw this product advertised on TV and immediately researched it online and decided to purchase it from Amazon.

    At the time I purchased it I also decided to get the Italian Herbs seed kit. We decided to plant the herbs we thought we would use the most from both kits, so we ended up using a few from the kit it comes with and a few from the kit we ordered. Everything germinated early with one exception, the cilantro, to this day it still has not germinated. I did finally give up on it and bought a package of seeds from the store and pushed a few seeds into the sponge a few days ago. I will update this later and let you know if they germinated. It seems from the reviews that I am not the only one with the cilantro problem.

    I recommend this product to everyone I know who loves to grow herbs, but would prefer not to deal with the dirt and bugs.

    We received the Gourmet Herb kit with our AeroGrow Garden, it contains:
    Italian Basil, Cilantro, Mint, Dill, Parsley, Chives and Purple Basil

    We purchased separately the Italian Herb kit, it contains:
    Mint, Basil, Savory, Parsley, Garlic Chives, Oregano, and Thyme

    Update: No luck with the Cilantro. We decided to replace the Cilantro and put in basil instead. Still lovin our AreoGarden!!