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  • Barb Mechalke - A Rollercoaster Adventure Ride for fans of Historical FictionOkay, I'm going to keep this review brief.
    This is after all the third book in this series and chances are if you've read the other two you'll probably read this one as well...

    I am so happy to have found this series, I love it. I think it's great fun...well that is if you like to be kept hanging on the edge of your seat. I love the characters and the history and the storytelling is great!

    Last night I was getting to the end of the book and feeling disappointed that it would be over until I remembered that there are three more books in the series! and more on the way!
  • TV Lover - A must haveExcept for maybe psychiatry, this is something every medical provider has to have. I was going to go electronic this year, but it was way too expensive. I am good with the hard print - except that you may want to up-size to the bigger print version if you are getting a little older and you don't always have your cheaters on you or your nurses are getting a little older too.
  • M. Tefer "matt" - Bleeding Into A Darker ToneReleased in 1977, Animals caught the average Pink Floyd fan off guard. The cover alone demands attention. Considered by some to be a "cult album", Animals seems to be targeted for those who are more artistically inclined. You must use your ears and imagination more than your eyes. It's a concept album but Water's demands his listeners attention with his visceral attacks on society and polticians.

    Animals is an important bridging piece of art rock. It's is not necessarily a peak for Pink Floyd, but is not to be missed. Borrowing from the long pieces of it's predacessor, Animals is one of those quality over quantity albums. It's also a sign of what was to come with The Wall's poltical bitterness and psychedelic isolation.

    Animals is probably never going to be as highly sought after as cult pieces like Meddle because it lacks the pop-friendly formula. But as abstract as they are, even black sheep deserve appreciation.
  • CO Accountant - Keep your business in lineQuickBooks is a great product for the small business owner to track their income and expenses. It can save you lots of time over a manual system; it's user friendly, with some great help features built right into the program. Of course you can also contact a ProAdvisor in your area for additional help.