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  • Elenor - My fourth one!I pulled one of my external back-ups out of regular duty to use as a vault for videos to play through my Roku downstairs. Didn't like not having extra back-ups ("three-two-one": three copies, two different media, one offsite....), so I got another of these cute things. This one, I named Zorro. (The red and blues ones are Thing1 and Thing2; the silver one is HiYoSilver.)
  • M. Jacobs "mj" - It's so hard to accept...that I've struggled for so longAnd there was such a logical explanation. I'm going to sound like everyone else here for a moment.
    I have been unable to lose weight for years- even while doing strict diets like The Pink Method which allows 800 calories.
    I never give up and I follow diet plans to THE LETTER. of course, my doctor never believes me. sigh.
    So, once again New year's I start a diet. No dairy, no sugar, no meat ( except fish and seafood) , no wheat. Not a budge in the scale. I start the plan and 6 days later, I am down 5.5 pounds. It is mind blowing to me. Of course, I hope the pounds keep melting away and the 40 pounds ( 34.5 now) that I miraculously gained at age 40 are gone in some number of months.
    I even ate out in a restaurant on Day 5 and gained .5 so the next day I re-did day 5 and lost 2 pounds. wow. I am full all the time and FORCE myself to eat all the food. How refreshing! Usually, when trying to lose, I am in a constant state of hunger.
    And I have not moved my body during these days. Today I go to yoga for my first bit of exercise.
    In the meantime, I feel great, I have constant energy, no aches and pains and my bloating is completely gone.
    Thank you, truly.
    Update: 11 pounds gone in 17 days :-)
  • Larry Hoffman - A monumental achievement!.This is an amazing book, revealing the atrocities and official criminality of the US War OF Terror. At times I found the book difficult to read because of the barbarity and horror it portrayed, but I persisted and now understand thenarrow, ossified official American mindset much more clearly but with much greater disdain.

    The American attitude that time zero was 9/11 is the underlying assumption used by the US administration in justifying their endless assault on anyone they don't like, ie the Global War of Terror, totally ignoring that 9/11 itself was a product of US interference in the affairs of many nations who previously had no quarrel with the US. I was particularly impressed with Scahill's presentation of the pathetic justification given by the administrations prosecution of this "war" by: targeted assassinations, murder of its own citizens without any judicial process, torture, disrespect for the sovereignty of other countries, ignoring of international laws and norms, spying on the lives of private citizens, curtailment of domestic civil liberties, secrecy, etc. It reminds me very much of a psychopathic axe- murderer's reasons that he must and does invent to justify his crimes.

    Scahill takes us through the days when Rummy, Scummy and Dummy dreamed up the nightmare GWOT, through the criminal intensification and extension by the Obama administration. He reveals the internal competition and antagonisms between the various military branches; the rise of JSOC; the hunt for and murder of bin Laden and Anwar al Awlaki; the grizzly, inept murder of Awlaki's innocent sixteen year old son; numerous barbaric hunt and kill adventures by both CIA and JSOC operatives, the rise of the drone war and its consequent innocent civilian toll all in the name of a nebulous war without borders, against an undefinable foe, with an undefined purpose or end goal, making it safely unendable.

    This is a book that every American concerned about the moral and political rot of their country and their own safety should read. Americans should know that their government is endangering their safety rather than protecting them. As Scahill points out, the multiplication factor inherent in each drone or cruise missile strike will ensure that the number of jihadists and terrorists will only increase exponentially. Meanwhile the disgust this pursuit generates in the rest of the world can only confine Americans to the status of international parihas.

    This is a powerful book of revelation.
  • A. Collins - kicked my buttit was like going to the gym. I am not an athlete, but im also not out of shape either. I wanted to tone more and work on my endurance. This fitness program helped me do that! Im not going to be too detailed, bc others have been. (im not a gamer) I liked that it could be customized based on your size, work out desires etc. They made exercising fun. I was sweating a ton by the end and loved every minute of it. WAAAAYYY better than the Wii Fit I have used before. this puts that to shame easily!
  • Jeffpaulb - Great MachineGreat product, great product and I don't have to use expensive pods/cups. Clean up is easy and the product comes out hot and perfect every time. I find that if I add the creamer or syrup to my mug and then pour in the latte, the frothiness is better. Also very easy to experiment and come up with your our drinks or copy your local coffeehouse ones. I also bought the permanent filter that comes with it and it makes it even easier.