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  • Carson - MY LAST DIETI have tried every diet on earth. In my mid 50's my metabolism has slowed to a halt. I ordered this book after watching Dr. Oz. and decided to give it a try. I thank God I did. Today I complete my first week. Gone through all three phases and in 6 days because I've just started day seven I've lost 7.10 lbs. I have never eaten so....much food and lost wt. I have shared all the new eating tips from the program with my co-workers and several are interested in trying. We may have an entire team. I will update after week two. Great Book and Great Plan. Carson
  • Paula L. Craig - A great read no matter how urban you areI first ran into this book when I was sharing a dorm room with two young women training to be health missionaries in South America. If you plan on going to any developing country in the near future, it is a must-read. I especially like the matter-of-fact treatment in the book of abortion and family planning. Abortion is not a good thing; but having women bear children they don't want and can't support is worse.

    While the authors don't mention it, this book also has more relevance than you might think to the problems of health care in the developed countries. We're so used to high tech medicine in the U.S. that we forget medicine is subject to a very steep curve of diminishing returns. Most of the benefits of modern medicine come from the first few dollars spent on people's health; precisely what is addressed in this book. For all the billions we spend on U.S. health care, sickness and death are still with us and always will be. Spending all that money doesn't necessarily translate into better or happier lives. We would be wise to keep this in mind when we are trying to rein in our out-of-control costs in Medicare and health insurance. This book also has something to teach the citizens of developed countries on the subject of faith healers, remedies for the common cold, dietary supplements with exaggerated claims of health benefits, and the like: don't waste your money.

    The book does have some weaknesses. For example, the authors emphasize that many rural village families have many children as a way of providing for their old age. I don't see how a large family can provide old age benefits to anyone if they are all starving together on a plot of land too small to support them.

    Overall, though, a great book.