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  • Oimak Kamio - Amazing game, Amazing Drama with whiners!!!!Diablo III: Standard Edition
    First off, the game is amazing. Smooth play, great graphics, and just overall fun. If you liked the first 2 games in the series don't hesitate go get D3 and prepare for enjoyment. Blizzard did a great job creating a game that feels like D1 and D2, but yet revamped the game play and overall feel of the game to really adhere to most players. I played yesterday most of the day and got through act I and just spent most of my time running around checking out the different maps and trying to really get comfortable with the game play.

    Now on to you other idiots..."online only, no thanks." "terrible launch" blah blah blah. First off it is 2012 get with the program. If playing offline is such a make or break thing for you, go get an Nintendo 64 and sit in your little cove and have fun with it. Its about making a great game and making sure that the hackers and other idiots that ruin games don't ruin this one like they did with the hackfest that went on with D2. There is no montly fee, so its not like Blizzard is holding you down with monthly charges. Its not like Blizzard didnt give us all a year notice about being online only. I like the idea of online only, I like the idea of playing with my friends.

    To the crybabies who complained about yesterday and the server issues. let me remind you of issues with WoW launch. Issues with SWTOR Launch that went on for a month. "Error 9000" Which we were nicely told was an issue on our side, when it was a server side issue. I'll even go old school, anyone remember Everquest and the multiple expansion update issues, that would cripple the game for a week. BTW D3 was the most pre-ordered computer game in history. When you flip the switch and 1 million + gamers try to flood the servers a few hiccups will happen. But to blast Blizzard or Battlenet is retarded. There will always be issues, but some of you like to complain just for the point to complain.

    Bottom line is with this game, its amazing, not the most amazing game ever but its definately one where i have friend who are or were on the fence and are going to get this game because they know how good it is and how good it will be. If you want to play offline, like blizzard said a year ago, its not the game for you. But if that is the only thing keeping you from buying really are missing out.
  • OzMo - The Best to date.If you ride the "i" band wagon then there is not much I will probably be able to tell you. If not then it is simple, this is the best tablet available right now.
    As with many people out there I have read the reviews and yes you can get a bad tablet that is DOA, or WIFI picky, or has GPS issues. I am not one of them and it should not take a person long to figure it out and exchange it if it happens to you. This is why businesses have return policies. I have a MS in EE and work in the electronics industry and let me tell you lemons happen, don't get bent.
    The image from the screen is excellent, better than my Galaxy 10.1. Games look great and so do movies, I have not seen it's equal. The 8MP camera for a tablet is very good (video or pics). However, it will not be replacing my HD camcorder or SLR. I have had no wireless issues or GPS issues in a 2-story home or a 3 story office. I have been finding apps just fine and have had no issue running any of them. The touch is great and easy to use, no fat finger issues or lag. The dock option makes it better yet. Longer battery life with the dock (about double). The mouse pad and pointer work as good as you ever would expect. With the dock I forget I am using a tablet.
    My wife, mother-in-law, and kids have all enjoyed using it. I have also used it at work with no issues.
    Matter of fact I have never had an issue of any kind.
  • Harkanwar Anand - LIFE CHANGING!Before P90X -

    I didn't know why people liked Yoga
    I didn't know the importance of stretching before and after a workout
    I never worked out on legs and my thighs were huge with no muscle
    I thought doing 150 pushups is an essential before training daily
    I could do 2 pull-ups in a row
    I never knew the importance of breathing in and out in an exercise
    I didn't know there are so many things one can learn through fitness
    I used to look at fitter men with more athletic bodies and used to think hell, atleast I have a better upper body than them
    I would think twice before taking my tshirt out even at beaches
    I used to simply live a very treadmill/crosstrainer/pushups/3 exercises workout life
    I used to workout thrice a week maximum

    Now -

    I am the fittest guy in most rooms
    My stamina/balance/endurance can kick the pants of guys who look even fitter
    I have muscles on my back and shoulders I never knew existed
    My legs are outstanding
    I think Yoga is the best workout in the whole world.
    The Core Synergistics workout will make you superhuman
    The Plyometrics changed my ability to just make a run on impulse
    My balance has improved by 150%
    I can do 240+ pushups and 50-60+ Pullups (still want to become better on pullups)
    I don't have any fat on my stomach. My sides disappeared in the first 2 months
    I don't like being away from workout for more than 5 days. It depresses me when I'm on a holiday.

    Additional info -

    I did BODY BEAST this year and it is an amazing workout but it gave me knee pain.
    P90X is not extreme with weight lifting but it never gave me any issues with leg/back/muskce.. infact it opened my body in angles I didn't know existed.

    I don't ever do AB RIPPER. This is why I don't have abs I guess but now I'm trying to keep up with it.

    Do get the ios application, it is a MUST HAVE.

    This may sound dramatic but this is one of the best things to happen to me.

    To people who have completed this workout, please try to do it for 180 days (or workouts) before moving on to some other workout regimen. P90X is not a George R.R Martin book you can leave for a few days / weeks and then get back to. OK that sounded lame but seriously.... I hate it but I love it.