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  • Bird watcher - Sturdy, easy to use, prettyI chose this for its high safety ratings. I returned an Evenflo Triumph because it was just too difficult to strap my daughter in and just Which is not good for a car seat in my opinion! I will stick with Britax from now on - great quality, very pretty and really easy to get my DD in and out quickly. She seems to find it comfortable as well. The cover is very pretty. Glad I chose it. Would also work for a boy.
  • Cindy Leger - Love this tabletThis tablet works very well and its very easy to carry around especially when using it for college. Very easy to connect to the internet and download apps. So far I have no complains!
  • Katherine McColm - Great read with new anglesThis is an easy to read book on dating strategies with a fresh new tone. The book takes advantage of technology interaction and offers links to video shorts that support and enhance the subjects covered in the chapters.

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  • Lindsay - Informative and easy to read!I felt overwhelmed by the choice of parenting books and didn't want to subscribe to any specific parenting style before getting some hands on experience. As a first time mom, I feel this book is easy to read and extremely informative. I also have Wedding Bargains and Baby Bargains by Denise Fields so I already knew I like the writing style. I love that the Fields teamed up with a pediatrician so I have many medical questions answered by someone qualified to do so. It's great to read a book that presents you with the facts and doesn't impose any opinions on the reader!
  • Clarkers - A U-Boot Kapitän writesAs a U-Boat captain operating in the North Atlantic, myself and my crew have found this book invaluable. By doing the exact opposite of the advice given within this tome, we have been able to increase our sunk tonnage in the last three months by 37.6%. Wunderbar! Sorry, have to go; just sighted another Huge Ship. ALARM! VORBEREITEN DER TORPEDOS ZUM SCHUSS!