Country: Europe, SE, Sweden

City: Bromma, Stockholm

  • C. A. Powell - best on marketEveryone will talk of the ease to read, lightness, number of books etc but for me the great asset is the library. I fall into that group of people who will re read books, read more than one at a time and read reflecting my mood. Being able to move books into and out of the library gives me great opportunities particularly as I share my account with 2 others. The price of many of the books from amazon has meant I have also bought books from a wider choice, authors with whom I'm unfamiliar, subject matter I have not tried etc. I love my Kindle, have enjoyed every moment since my purchase, even when I've made mistakes. Yes I have found myself excusing the system rather than beat my laptop into tiny pieces, mind you that may mean I need to visit a psychiatrist rather that reflect the pleasure at reading on my Kindle
  • D. Jones "Smoke em if you got em" - Fresh!I have had horrible digestion problems since I was 14. A wide variety of symptoms that I can't even beging to list. I tried everything. Only thing that a doctor could recommend was a parasite cleanse. It worked, but it never fully went away, and after not using the parasite cleanse for 2 days or longer it would be full on attack again. I got threelac after doing some research, and now i'm trying fivelac, hopefully this is more potent, and hits some of the spots of candida the threelac couldnt. Ordered it on monday night, shipped out by tuesday, it's thursday today and it was on my front porch.
  • L. Tomk "Shopping Fool" - Great for photo slideshows and moviesI checked out the reviews on programs for creating movies and photo slide shows and bought another (MagicX) before this one. After struggling with MagicX for a month I threw in the towel and went back to Roxio. Roxio Creator 2011 does it all. It gives an option for adding your own music and makes slideshows so easy. I love this program and highly recommend it. A little pricey but well worth every penny. Many options for creating many things, love it!