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  • Sarah - Fits perfectly and is beautiful!The color is more blue than the picture shows but I still love it! It fits perfectly and is a soft matte style. It looks sleek and stylish. The keyboard cover stays on really nicely and looks fabulous. Couldn't have asked for a better product! Especially for this price! And it shipped and was delivered so quickly! I am overall pleased!
  • S. Morrison - A great productI purchased Align specifically for my mother after she became terribly sick with C.diff. Someone I knew was taking it after having C.diff. After my mother had gotten C.diff as well, I bought a box of Align for her. Well, within days she was feeling so much better. Within a week she was feeling wonderful, singing Align's praises, and thanking me and my friend for saving her life because she felt certain the C.diff would have killed her at her age. A doctor advised another friend to take it along with the antibiotics she was taking for this gastointestinal bacteria. None have gotten a reoccurrence of C.diff while on this probiotic.
  • Callie - Perfect for the novice and seasoned cook alike!The Best of America’s Test Kitchen is able to educate cooks of all levels to follow recipes that have been broken down into a science. I am always enthralled with the idea that cooking and science go hand-in-hand and this cookbook does an excellent job of answering basic cooking and baking questions with methodical and scientific answers. For example, one of America’s Test Kitchen’s editors, Peter Barham poses a seemingly simple question: How do you bake a cake? He explains that you should beat the eggs, or in his own words, “denature the protein to expose the hydrophilic molecules,” or rather than letting the cake bake in the oven, Barham sates that one must “allow the egg protein to cross-link chemically.” This professor of physics at Bristol University has a keen understanding of the sciences which go into the cookery processes. An enthusiasm for such sciences brought on by something we can all relate to: kitchen failures. The writers of the America’s Test Kitchen, however, do not use such intimidating vocabulary. They pack each recipe with step-by-step instructions basic enough for even the tyros of cookery to follow.
    As an America’s Test Kitchen aficionada, I was thrilled to find a copy of one of their bestselling cookbooks at my local Half Price Books. I purchased The Best of America’s Test Kitchen: The Year’s Best Recipes, Equipment Reviews, and Tastings, 2012 Edition with the plastic slipcover still surrounding its crisp pages. What a rarity to find a used cookbook that doesn’t have bent covers and pages stained with sauces and batters! I soon found that The Best of America’s Test Kitchen illustrates nearly two hundred recipes that the authors and producers consider the most interesting of the year. After reading the cookbook from cover to cover and attempting to make twenty-one different recipes, here is what I found:

    Best of America’s Test Kitchen includes ten chapters of recipes organized by entrée, a 43 page long “Test Kitchen Resources” section, and a detailed glossary. There are three separate chapters for “Meat,” “Poultry,” and “Seafood” and a chapter just for vegetarian entrées. The “Test Kitchen Resources” section proved to be extremely helpful when I made the Mussels Marinara with Spaghetti. It explained in detail with pictures how to slow-braise the kale and debeard the mussels. It also contained information such as what brand of tomato paste is best and how to convert temperatures from an instant-read thermometer. I was also pleased with the structure of the Glossary because all the recipes were cross-referenced. For example Beef Chili was found under both “Beef” and “Chili.”

    Each recipe is accompanied by a narrative, where the voice of the cook who labored over it shines through, bringing the testing process to life. Want to make your own croissants? The authors take you to a bakery in Paris, where their first successful pains au chocolat croissant was made, creating an ideal balance between instruction and entertainment. The authors, however, make sure to include all the failures they experienced and what ingredients they varied or techniques they used to fix them. Before Best of America’s Test Kitchen, I had never considered how opening up the oven door to check on your casserole can affect whether or not it collapses and how the temperature of your eggs can make or break a pound cake.
    The ingredients and the cooking instructions are well organized and fairly easy to follow. All of the ingredients are listed in the order they are used in the cooking instructions. I did discover, however that there were a few ingredients that were difficult to find at my grocery store. For example, I had to search for Zucchini flowers at a local farmer’s market and I could only find Guava paste for my Guava and Cream Cheese Pastries at Trader Joe’s.
    Along with each recipe, the authors include a “Note from the Test Kitchen” which ranges from “how to score meat” to “the key to richer flavor”. Techniques such as chopping, frying, and baking are well defined and often include step-by-step instructions describing the particular cooking technique.

    The authors and editors encapsulate design and photography in a series of artistic choices, such that it turns a mundane list of directions into something truly inspiring. Over half of the recipes are aesthetically photographed in vibrant colors which take up full page spreads. Also, in each “Note from the Test Kitchen” a small black and white photograph is included and the “Test Kitchen Resources” section is sprinkled with hundreds of grayscale sketches.

    The Verdict
    After attempting twenty one of the recipes from The Best of America’s Test Kitchen with an extremely high success rate, especially for a beginner like myself, I would highly recommend this cookbook. Not to mention that every single recipe I made –even the Italian meatloaf I let burn in the oven- tasted spectacular. The chefs of America’s Test Kitchen have truly outdone themselves at perfecting the aroma, texture, and taste of each dish. Based on its unique stories, user-friendly structure, and science based recipes, I think The Best of America’s Test Kitchen would make an excellent addition to the cookbook collection of anyone interested in cooking or baking. At Half Price Books, I purchased my copy for twenty-five dollars, but I later found that and Kindle both sell it for less than twenty. Based on the length and content of the cookbook, it definitely justifies the small cost. The Best of America’s Test Kitchen really can teach you to be a better cook. It can help to improve both the novice and seasoned cook alike.
  • Bonner '62 - Still A Must Even in the Computer AgeI have been buying this since the '70s. Even when working overseas I have tracked them down in Manila and Taipei. For a few years I thought this reference had been overtaken by events and made obsolete by computers. Far from it. While watching my MLB package there is nothing like having this reference at you elbow and looking up the stats for whomever catches your eye on TV. I am facing the 2013 season with anticipation armed with this year's edition.
  • Busyfamilyof4 - Great for your pocket while working or at clinicalsI am a nursing student in my final semester and I wish I had found this book long ago! It is perfect to fit in your pocket and carry with you throughout the day. It is not as detailed as a larger drug book, but it does the job and is great to carry with you throughout the day. I would highly recommend to any nurses, especially nursing students who are just learning about drugs.