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  • Janice K. Bowman ""poem lover"" - The Good Husband of Zebra Dr.Loved this book, however I wasn't sure of the sequence in the series. This is No. 8, so I am starting the series over in the correct sequence. They are chronological, so read them in the correct order. I love this series. It is somehow calming as I follow these people around over their bumpy roads and past their thorn bushes with a slower paced life. I almost feel I'm in Africa.
  • Ava M. Jahoda - yeshas changed my life! It really works, i could do seminars on this "Plan" i am that much of a believer and you dont need to go out and buy anything expensive i went with the dandelion tea instead of the detox pills much cheaper!!!!
  • Ness "Ness" - Good wine, affordable price, great cause, nice gift.I love this wine, I think it's one of oneHopes best reds.
    It's got a great taste and it usually worked out well as a gift especially when you're not sure of someone's favorite wine, this is usually a good guess that most people liked.
    Plus they give 50% of their profits to charities, which great causes behind each wine, (this one gives to support Autism). My first thought was either this will be extremely expensive (it isn't) or else it will be cheap in price and quality (it's not). The quality is awesome, the price is affordable and the causes are great. It's such a good extra way to give back (while rewarding yourself or someone else).
  • Allen - Great product to downloadI had previously bought the 2012 version and did all my health planning/will/burial/other forms. No disc to loose if i need to reinstall it just log into your amazon account and it's there...Just wanted to get an updated version due to changes and to install on my new windows 8 PC. This new 2013 version has all the same forms and more BUT updated. This product is soooo easy to use and saved me a lot of money as I could do it myself . . .no attorney! It has both federal & state forms along with lots of forms for other uses as you go through life. I don't feel it's for complicated wills or trusts (especially if wealthy) but for regular people who may have a home or not and have no troubling family or financial issues.