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  • Florida Cracker - Inspiring StoryThis book is as much a story in business management as well as an intensely personal story of pain and suffering. Ms. Fu is a wonderful writer and speaks from the heart. I rarely buy books because of book reviews, but this was was very much worth reading and realizing (for many, perhaps) how good we have it here in the US overall.
  • ddcobbs - Sketch Pro 2011 ReviewI recommend the product for any artist who aspires to work with computer graphics, comic book work, graphic design, painting, etc., especially if you own a Cintic or computer tablet that allows you draw directly onto the computer and save you sketches. Very user friendly software product that's a must.
  • Erica Phelps - FREAKING AWESOMEI love this thing! The best hundred bucks I ever spent. I even ordered the "flavor essences" even though the reviews for them weren't so good. I love them! Just a few drops is all you need... not a tsp!!!! I drink SO much more water now... can't wait to get my extra water bottles in the mail!
  • Andrea - awesome stuff!IV found I didn't lose much in weight but I lost huge amounts in inches all around my stomach, hips butt and thighs within two weeks! With all the negative reviews, here,it makes me question if there's people getting paid to write many negative reviews about their competition or something??...There's nothing better than not only quickly slimming up, but when I get the hypoglycemic shakes before eating, one if these pills, if u can wait twenty minutes, completely stops the passing out weakness feeling from happening and I forget the need to eat! I feel its amazing especially since I haven't worked out at all or changed my diet.. It does feel like the fat is just melting off which is so hard to accomplish when yr hypothyroid..Its sad if its truly not working for these other people but wow is this stuff miraculous for me! I just hope it doesn't stop working!