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  • Jesse Lahey - Even Better Than "Accidental Creative"Todd Henry's first book was Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment's Notice, which examined the creative process and provides strategies to maximize your creativity while maintaining healthy work habits.

    In Die Empty, Todd helps individuals and companies stop deferring their most important work. The book provides a process and principles for tapping into your passion -- at first, that may sound like several other books on the market, but this incorporates Todd's uber-valuable approach to the create-on-demand expectations of today's workplace.

    The book is organized around the "seven deadly sins of mediocrity" for individuals and teams:

    AIMLESSNESS: The book's chapter "Define Your Battles" helps you identify what you will stand for.
    BOREDOM: "Be Fiercely Curious" provides several strategies to avoid "busy boredom," including what he calls a "bliss station."
    COMFORT: "Step Out of Your Comfort Zone" helps you establish a new vector and set step, sprint, and stretch goals on your new course.
    DELUSION: "Know Yourself" helps you identify what truly resonates with you and what unique contribution you alone are capable of pursuing.
    EGO: "Be Confidently Adaptable" helps you prevent an inflated ego from stalling progress on your most important work.
    FEAR: "Find Your Voice" helps you take small, calculated risks every day.
    GUARDEDNESS: "Stay Connected" helps you maintain productive collaboration rather than closing off from relationships when things get busy.

    Todd also outlines four key factors that will determine your long-term effectiveness in life and work. Your F.A.T.E. determines your fate!

    I liked Accidental Creative, but I love Die Empty. As the author has continued to develop his ideas and speak to audiences large and small, his writing style, insight, and fascinating stories hit a whole new level in this book.
  • Technomed - Helped me to avoid surgeryUsing Esther's techniques, I went from taking Oxycodone daily to no drugs at all (in just 10 days). I recently realized how bad my posture was and vowed to change it. But here's the key to success: it takes constant vigilance. All day long--and in bed too--I constantly correct my posture; when sitting, walking, bending, etc., I correct myself. Over the weeks, this correction is becoming more second-nature. And except for an occassional twinge, I now have no back pain. Although my MRI shows multi-layer disc compression, her techniques seem to have staved off further damage. I can't say enough good things about Esther's book and techniques.
  • 2112movingpictures - RUSH!!! live in ClevelandI have seen many live videos before, but none of them have been like this! What a show the Canadian power trio puts on. This video has the amazing audience of Rush in Rio, and the quality of R30 and Snakes and Arrows Live. It all starts out with the humorous intro during the tour that reviews the history of a Canadian band named Rash. Then exploding on the stage with The Spirit of Radio the band and crowd are in perfect sync. Second is Time Stand Still which is what you what time to do while watching this DVD. The first set continues with songs old and new including old favorite Freewill and with drum fills that may even top Tom Sawyer the new BU2B. The second set includes all of Moving Pictures, Caravan, a Neil Peart drum solo, Closer to the Heart, 2112, and Far Cry. For the encore they play La Villa Strangiato and Working Man (My favorite version of it so far.) So as you can see if you are a huge fan of Rush or have just heard some of their songs on the radio this is a good investment of 3 hours and $20.