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  • RG Yoho - Putting Christ Back Into ChristmasAs an author myself, I thoroughly enjoyed Sarah Palin's latest book.

    In GOOD TIDINGS, Sarah shares with all of us her love and appreciation for the Christmas season and her personal and touching memories of faith, family, and food in the rugged frontier of Alaska..

    Sarah reminds us that Christmas IS under attack in America.

    With the very best spirit of good will toward men, Palin boldly defends the spirit of Christmas.

    And perhaps best of all, Sarah unapologetically tells us of Christ and her personal love for the Savior, the One who made the season possible.

    It is certainly refreshing to hear a political figure, someone who has been so viciously attacked, but still maintains such a remarkable sense of good cheer and refuses to give in to the mindless, heartless, and soul-less calls for political correctness, which seeks to rob us of our finest Christmas traditions.

    I heartily recommend Sarah Palin’s book to everyone.

    Merry Christmas! And may God bless us all, every one!
  • T. Thomas - Amazing BookIt was eye opening to see the two different medical text drawings of what a normal spine looked like in 1911 compared to the drawing of what was considered a normal spine in the 1990 medical text. Gokhale makes a very convincing argument that our culture has forgotten what some traditional cultures do naturally. I'm hoping to be able to correct my own posture and minor back pain issues before they get worse by following her recommendations. I've ordered the DVD as well because though the pictures are clear I think actually watching people do this under her guidance might be even clearer. If I could afford it, I'd take her course.
  • Julie Plancarte "jules" - one for your collectionI was so engrossed in this book I was sneaking into the bathroom at work to read little bits of it. I haven't come across an author this good in a really long time, or a world I love so much. I ususally shy away from futuristic type stuff, but I was totally sold on this story from the first page. Excellant writing, great characters, and a lot of attention paid to making Lucas, the male lead, as catlike as possible.

    EXCELLANT. I recommend this to ANYONE. I would never trade this one in.
  • Lori Dzik - Office Pro 2013 is AwesomeI had heard that Office 2013 wasn't favored by many people. From the first day I have been working with it (from previous version 2007), I find it very user friendly. Reminds me more of using an apple product. Even though it looks considerably different, the ease of finding documents, icons, etc is great. Publisher and Excel has updated some things that weren't available in the 2007 version. Word actually is much easier to work with for graphics (much more like Publisher). Impressed with the update!