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  • Priscilla Reilly - Love it so far but I am careful because I have heard of so many of these type of hoses that break or get a hole in them.Again - I love mine but I am very careful with it as I have heard so many bad things about hoses hitting a sharp object and causing a leak or the black coupling that attaches to the spicket cracking. I have only used it about 3 times and so far I love it. My son has not received his yet so I reserve full comment until he gets his on Wednesday.
  • Richard A. Lasaracina - Great Book- Great Diet!My doctor asked me to read this book and to understand the concept. I started the diet and I'm progressing. To early to tell, but I'm hopeful.
  • Kelley - eye openingI was brought up a staunch Catholic, but left the Church, along with my family, when I was 17. I have learned a lot in the ensuing years, but this book has opened my eyes to so much that I never knew. It may have elements that are called into question by Biblical scholars ( but those make decidedly small dents in a much larger picture. Thank you Reza Aslan for opening my eyes and for radically changing my view of much of the foundations upon which our current world has been built.
  • Jensuya "jenbob" - Dispells the MysteryI don't like to follow rules, unless they are my rules (!), so I was really resisting "preparing" my kids for what I thought was a standardized test. Saw friends putting their kids through training courses for the ACT...isn't that what high school is for, I thought?

    This book helped me understand that taking the ACT is a skill to be learned. The test, they say, is a "predictable" test, not a standardized test. So why not learn the skill, and potentially do better on the test. Another hoop through which to jump for college admission. The book seems nice, easy to read and fun to read. I think my homeschooled 10th grader will find it humorous and practical. Despite the size, it's lightweight and seems easy to tackle in small chunks.