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  • cpenchi1 - Instant ReliefThe flu was going around my office and everyone was sick. Eventually it got to me and instead of a cough, I developed a cold sore that was very gross looking. Thank goodness I had my orajel single dose! I applied it on Tuesday and by Thursday morning the sore had dried up!! I couldn't believe how well it worked!!
    "I received a free sample of New Orajel(tm) Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment from Smiley360."
  • Seth Fitzgerald "Seth Fitzgerald" - iPad Mini 16GBI primarily use the iPad Mini for business purposes and I must say that this is the best tablet I have used for just about anything.

    Without a doubt, iOS 7 is annoying on the Mini or any other iPad but I still find it to be a more useful tablet than the ones running on Android.

    If you are already an Apple fan then the iPad Mini is a no-brainer if you can deal with a less-than-amazing screen. If you prefer smaller tablets, the Mini is the way to go but if you really need a high-res screen, Apple has just come out with the iPad Mini with Retina, so buy that if you need to.

    - Seth Fitzgerald, Journalist
  • Avid reader - Clarity and Beauty - What more does one need?I will be brief. This beautifully presented musical statement deals with the topic of "separation" - separation from society; from people we want to love and who want to love us, but can't; from nature; from our selves; and ultimately from our dreams and aspirations. It is as heart rending as it is alluring. Those who know the difference between loss and alienation will probably find this among their favorite pieces. Please remember to let the work play from start to finish without interuption at fairly high volume to receive the full effect. Discover it for yourself.
  • Noel D. Hill - A Parent's ReviewAs the father of two teenagers, I found this book invaluable. I'm sure other parents here can empathize when I say I shudder at the thought of the increasing presence of huge ships in the lives my children. I certainly remember the strain I caused so long ago for my own parents when I began experimenting with huge ships. The long inter-continental voyages that kept my mom and dad up all night with worry. Don't even get me started on the international protocols when transporting perishable cargo. To think, I was even younger than my kids are now! huge ships are everywhere and it doesn't help that the tv and movies make huge ships seem glamorous and cool. This book helped me really approach the subject of huge ships with my kids in an honest and non judgmental way. Because of the insights this book provided, I can sleep a little better and cope with the reality that I can't always be there to protect my kids from huge ships, especially as they become adults. I'm confident that my teens, when confronted by a huge ship, are much better prepared to make wiser decisions than I did. At the very least my children certainly know that they can always come to me if they have any concerns, questions or just need my support when it comes to the topic of huge ships.
  • S. J. Laframboise - They've done it again... and w/o RogerI'm not a Roger hater at all... and if you're reading this, you're probably a new fan interested in who these guys are...

    honestly, they are as close to sonic perfection (for me at least and the 100,000's other who are devout listeners)...

    this album is yet another extension that shows their depth and ability to say something eternal in lyric and music...

    get into pink floyd, you'll thank yourself in 40 years...