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  • A&B - Really comfortable seatWe bought this seat for my 15 months old daughter who is never happy to sit in the car seat and get buckled.

    After a long research keeping her needs in my mind we bought this seat. Now, its been four months since we started using it. My daughter feels very comfortable in the seat. She eats, drinks , reads book and most of all enjoys her trip to places.

    The installation is very easy and takes less than a minute to install the seat. Very soft covers. I love the belly pad which covers the main harness area and the back cushion. Very smooth harness system.If using in rear position, it will more comfortable for the child if you completely recline the seat.

    One disadvantage is that food particles (if your child eats on the go and spills) easily gets inside the seat covers. So, to clean we need remove the entire cover. But, that to ensures us a complete clean as all the parts are reachable to clean.

    Totally a good buy.
  • ole crip - The one-minute cureI have long believed that their were cures to many diseases that were being suppressed by the interests of major drug companies, and their affilates. I still believe this to be true, as do I believe that the USDA is complicent in these cover-ups. I have long sought out natural remedies that would help me control or heal my body of different problems. Just reciently my brother died of cancer, he went through painful, and sickening cemo. It did not work. I do not believe that most doctors are aware of alternative measures to help their patients, and those who do know of certain "unaccepted" measures, are hounded and threatened of a loss of their medical licences' if they dare to suggest any "alternative" method to healing, or even prevention. The one minute cure helps to begin an enlightenment of mankind, to the more often "superior" alternative methods of being healthy, and getting healthy. I chose to use the method of "food grade" hydrogen peroxide, not to be confused with "pharmacy" grade Hydrogen Peroxide, which most people are familiar with. I have been using it for some time now, and have been able to eliminate most of the medications that I was on for "gout", "diabeties", "high blood pressure", arthritis, and my mental clarity is better than it has been in years. Everyone needs to get this book, read it, apply it, share it. Educate yourselves soon, the major drug companies see food grade H2O2 as a threat to their trillion dollar a year deck of cards. I use it in my hot tub, I use it in gardening, I use it as a food wash, the uses are almost limitless. PLEASE UNDERSTAND,,FOOD GRADE H202 IS NOT THE SAME AS PHARMACY GRADE H202. YOU MUST EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THE DIFFERENCE, AND THE PROPER USE "BEFORE" TRYING TO USE IT!!!!!!! Get the book, read it, you will be glad you did.
  • VoiceOfNoOne - Simply FabulousBeing classy Manhattan socialites my husband Bruce and I are often invited to extravagant parties be they cocktail parties in some upper east side townhouse or garden parties at someones summer home in the Hamptons. Now last week we were invited to the party of a very influential couple we know and to my horror I discovered I had nothing to wear. Luckily after searching my walk in closet I found this T-shirt which I accidentally ordered months ago, I decided that it would be fitting for the strictly formal party and put it on. Well when we arrived at the party no one could take their eyes off me. I think I've set a trend, now all the classy Manhattan socialites are wearing these.
  • M J Henry - 2011 Writer's Market an Indespensible ToolThis is an indespensible tool for every writer; no matter what their genre. Besides offering a large listing of both consumer magazines and trade journals, the book provides lists of literary agents and book publishers. It also includes a variety of articles to assist the writer with query letters, synopsis, and general writing tips. I find the book to be clear, concise, up-to-date and easy to use.
  • rmcrae - Bring Me Home: Sade Live and Bigger Than EverWhether you had the once in a lifetime pleasure of seeing Sade live last year or would like to experience for the first time in the comfort of your own home, you must buy this set! Intimacy has been the key mood set for every tour Sade, the woman and her bandmates, has blessed us with, but this time they decided to up the ante a bit. More theatrical than past tours, Bring Me Home manages to capture the breathtaking awesomeness that is Sade in one show, once again filmed in California.

    It's hard to believe it's been a full decade since Sade last hit the road, but the band bangs out the hits like they only left the stage the night before. The DVD features 22 songs (9 more than the CD), a well balanced mix of newer songs and the classics we love. This time around Sade goes through four costume changes, my favorites being the white dress with her beautiful black hair falling around her shoulders while crooning the ultimate melancholic love song No Ordinary Love and the red jacket and dress with bare feet for the dreamy closer Cherish the Day.

    The extras are pretty good too. Although there's no in-depth sit-down interview, How Do You Say Thank You? is over 20 minutes of footage featuring the diva goofing around with her bandmates (watch her get her groove on to Snoop!), staring pensively outside her tour bus window, taking photos and briefly chatting with fans, and practicing an a capella version of Amazing Grace with her backup singers. There's even a quick shot of her young daughter Ila. These moments humanize Sade in a way that go far beyond any interview. She seems like a fun person to hang with. Other extras include In the Trenches, a detailed behind the scenes production look by Stuart Matthewman, and 3 Seconds.

    Hopefully The Queen of Quiet Storm will hit the road just one more time one of these days, but until then, let them Bring You Home over and over again. Enjoy!