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  • Keith Otis Edwards "Keith Otis Edwards" - Better Than "The Secret"This book is way better than Rhonda Byrne's The Secret because it really does work. After reading The Secret I began visualizing what I wanted out of life -- the usual simple wishes as you might expect: world domination, a solid-gold rocket ship, three extra wishes-- and no matter how fervently I visualized them, none of it appeared.

    But after reading "A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates" my life actually became more and more random. It really does work, believe me. I'm random completely almost now.

  • Janice Williams - First one was a giftThis product was sent to me as a gift from my cousin, it was almost out and I decided to reorder it, and to my surprise it was sold by Amazon, I love it , would not replace it, asked my doctor if it was okay to take, he agreed , so I'm in for the long hall. Would recommend to anyone needing a little push.
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