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  • jordan - SweatBlock Really Works!I really didn't expect much when I ordered this product. After trying every over the counter antipersperant, my daughter was desperate to try anything. We were considering getting perscription strength antipersperant. I saw the advertizement and ordered one box. My daughter is so happy, we will be ordering more. She is now a true believer in SweatBlock Antiperspirant Towelettes.
  • Camper-Alex - Best $200 I ever spent on electronicsMy Kindle Fire exceeds my expectations for an e-reader and 7” tablet. Not only can I read my favorite books and magazines, but I can check my email, play a multitude of games and browse the web. This is more of a tablet computer than an e-reader. Using Amazon Silk really speeds up web browsing (compared to my son’s tablet) AND no need for anti-virus protection. I would purchase the Amazon Prime with this not only for the Fire for free two-day shipping of other Amazon orders. After the introduction of the Fire, other manufacturers were scrambling to produce a product with similar features and beat the price (The Nexus 16GB is about the closest).
  • scotty - will we really get Radical??What a book!! It really opened my eyes to what we as Americans call normal. There are not too many of us who have or had to do without. But there are many throughout the world who do. What can we DO? It starts with me (you) doing what I (you) can do through the right organization to be able to reach out and help those in need. To by-pass the governments that are with-holding the help we strive to bring in to those in need. It can be done, but we need to get organized to get ready to see what God can do through us that are willing give it up for those in need and for Him. God has shown us what we need to do are we really willing to give it up for those who are really ion need?
  • Evan Lucas - The Lovers, the Dreamers and MeI have and always will be an avid Jim Henson and Muppet fan, so you can imagine my excitement to read this comprehensive biography by Brian Jay Jones. Jim Henson was a visionary, but also a swift and smart businessman. The most difficult thing to do is really bring someone who has passed to life in a biography and Jones is really able to do just that. We can see and hear Jim as we are brought into the early business deals and creative space in which Jim and his crew worked. In the beginning of the book we learn more about Jim and Jane's families which is information that I had never read anywhere else. I really felt as though I had a much clearer sense of the person Jim Henson was after reading this book and recommend it to everyone to read. Whether you are a muppet fan or are trying to figure out how to use your creativity for the benefit of others, be sure to read this book.
  • S. Faulk - MacBook Pro Boot MasterI installed the 480GB SSD in my Mid-2010 MacBook Pro. I first tested my current boot up time and then my time to open Aperture, a program I use regularly. My boot time from the time I hit the start button until I had my log-in screen was 49 seconds using the factory installed hard drive. Aperture was open and ready to use in about 32 seconds from the time I clicked on it.
    I copied my old drive data to the new drive using Carbon Copy Cloner which is free to use for 30 days but worth owning if ever want to clone a hard drive for safe off site storage. It took about 20 minutes to move 100GB of data over and then I was ready for the install. Total time to remove the cover, take out the existing HDD, install the new M500 SSD and be ready for boot up was about 10 minutes and the install could be done by anyone. One tool for the Mac install you must have is a T6 driver, this is the required tool for the screws that secure the drive. If you aren't sure how to do the install there are some good videos that will give you step by step on YouTube.
    Now for the non-scientific boot time test. WOW! 11 seconds from the time I hit the power button until the log in screen was ready to rock and roll. Aperture launch time was also substantially faster, open and ready to use in about 8 seconds.
    This is a great upgrade for speed and size of drive for me. I think this is a worthy upgrade for anyone with a reasonably fast computer that wants to keep it for a few more years as things evolve.