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  • James R. Wolfe - TurboTax 2012 is greatI have used TurboTax for several years now so I continue to get more comfortable with it each new filing. We have 1099-INTs, 1099-DIV's, 1099-MISC, 1099-B, 1099-R, as well as regular income. Paid foreign taxes on DIV. All necessary entries were easy to locate and make. It is a very good product that keeps getting better.
  • Adrian Groglopo - A necessary bokVery well found it and important sources from the time scientific medicine research was not biased by pharmacological corporations. A guide for a healthier understanding of food-body relationship for people with or without severe intestinal problems.
  • James May "creative, dedicated eccentric" - Have used it for years and it has never failedI have used Acronis products for years and they have never failed me. I see enough negative reviews here to believe some people are having a bad experience, but it has never happened to me with Acronis products. I have had *several* bad experiences with Norton products; sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Most of the time I don't need support for backup and restore operations, but when I did need it from Norton it simply was not there (unsuitable response time and rambling, generalized explanation of virtually everything except the problem I described in a very carefully crafted email; I don't believe for a minute it was even read).

    I have restored backups to newer, faster, larger drives and had no problems using Acronis.

    If you are new to backup/recovery you should consider getting some minimal hardware training in your area.

    Here in a nutshell is how I avoid problems:
    1. Do your maintenance. Do NOT *depend* on the bundled software developed by Microsoft to defrag your hard drive. Use a product like Diskeeper 12.
    2. Viruses can make the task impossible. If you are using Norton/Symantec Internet Security and have been for any amount of time, I bet your machine is getting slower and slower and the hard drive thrashing leads to other problems which can affect BU/Restore. I have also had them miss a virus a different vendor found immediately. Try a different product. I have settled on Vipre after trying quite a few. No AV is foolproof even if you download signature files every time they are updated.
    3. Registry problems can also make a restore impossible and often are not found during the backup. Use a decent registry cleaner often. The latest versions of Registry Mechanic are vastly improved over older versions. I have found this product superior to Advanced System optimizer which actually caused some problems at bootup and the uninstall leaves things laying around.
    4. Know your system's partitions even if all you do is run a program and do a screen shot.
    5. Create an Acronis bootable USB with an ISO image and test it periodically (not just one time after you have created it). The USB's have proven more reliable for me than DVD's or CD's.
    6. Use a dedicated drive to do your backups and scan it periodically.
    7. I do not do partial restores; I can get away with that at home, and I can't address issues involving live servers. When I restore a dual boot machine with a windows and linux partitions I know that whether I choose to restore the MBR or not when I get through only Windows will boot until I reinstall GRUB.

    Cons: The one thing that I can point out is that the documentation and the wizard are not really what I would call intuitive, especially for people who are inexperienced in recovery operations. However, if you really understand what you are doing from a hardware standpoint you should be able to get a good restore. Note that I have used backup/restore solutions that cost over $1,000 that did NOT recover a crashed server.

    Should I really have to mention you should never do a hardware specific backup and try to restore it to a different machine with different hardware? I have seen it tried; don't go there.

    That's all. Acronis has always worked well for me. Recommended.
  • Evil Overlord - Use with CautionThis cable far exceeded my expectations. I needed it for a neural frequency emitter, a brainwashing mechanism that I've been perfecting. World domination requires an excellent work ethic. The signals from the emitter transmitted beautifully--along with information from six parallel universes. I now have a dimensional rift in my laboratory. Half my scientists fell through. Fortunately I should be able to close the rift with a second cable, but first I must wait for Amazon to ship the blasted thing. If only I had invested in a Prime membership.