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  • Jeff Lippincott "JLIPPIN" - Easy to use somewhat powerful paint program that will help turn you into a pretty good digital artist if u are not already oneI loved this product. It's a paint/photo program, not a drawing program. Adobe Photoshop (AP) is a paint/photo program; Adobe Illustrator (AI) is a drawing program. AP creates bitmap files, and AI create vector files. Bitmap files are images made up of little dots. Whereas vector files are mathematical formulas that are easily scaleable. The native files for Sketchbook are stored in layered TIF format, but they can be exported in many different bitmap file formats: gif, jpeg, and PSD.

    I have used quite a number of different kinds of computer applications over the years: wordprocessing, spreadsheet, presentations, database, email, WYSIWYG Web page designers, paint/photo, and drawing. Of all these different types of computer programs I have had the most difficulty learning to use well the paint/photo kind. This is probably because I am not really an artist - at least not one adept at creating visual pictures using my hands. I am much better at taking photos with a digital camera and tweeking them using Adobe Photoshop. I have always found AP to be a tough cookie when it comes to creating original artwork from scratch.

    Sketchbook Pro makes it much easier for me to create original artwork from scratch. It is designed to be used with a digital pen tablet. The intuitive user interface is slick and pleasing to eye, and you will be up and running in no time using pencils, brushes, layering, and pan/zoom features. This product is going to make it easy for you to "sketch" out a rough draft of the artwork you want to create. It will not create a masterpiece probably, but you can certainly move your file into AP and tweek your art to your heart's content.

    This product was easy for me to install, and it has never appeared sluggish to me when using it. I suppose the only problem I had with the product is its name. I think of the word "sketch" as being a drawing. Thus at first I thought this was a drawing program. So don't be confused by the name. What you will get with this product is an easy to use somewhat powerful paint/photo program that will help turn you into a pretty good digital artist if you are not already one. And if you are already expert I suspect you will thoroughly enjoy this product to create the early-goings of a paint file you will fine tune in AP. 5 stars!
  • mzglorybe - I've liked the versatilityWe are still using the 2012 version of McAfee All Access, as it does not expire until 2013, but this newer version should be just as good if not better. It is supposed to work on tablets better than the last version. That is where I had my only glitch last year. The customer service at McAfee was great in any case, helping me to resolve the issue.

    We have it installed on all our devices, Mac and Windows, and have had no problems. It is on our desktops, laptops and cell phones. It does not interfere with any running programs. It does give you a warning for any suspicious activity... you have the option to go there to the site or not. The McAfee logo is displayed upon start-up of cell phone, so you know you are protected. It updates automatically as well and lets you know it has been done. I have been using All Access since June of 2012 with no malware/virus problems.

    No disc is necessary ... you download and register right at the McAfee site with your product code provided with purchase. What could be easier? I found it downloads fast too, unlike another reviewer. The size of memory on your computer might determine the speed, but in my case it was easy and fast. No complaints. Definitely recommended.
  • HandymanNJ "ED" - A must read for superstorm sandy aftermath!Boy I was glad I had read this book just before Sandy hit! Living on the coast we are loaded with huge ships! As the storm subsided I ventured out for much needed supplies! Hopped into my trusty Honda and started down the road.As I swing out onto Rt 35 all of a sudden there it is a 35ft ChrisCraft blocking the center lane. A quick jerk of the wheel avoided a fiberglassed smash up. Only to encounter a 40ft cabin cruiser taking up the left close call again..while these ships are not as huge as the ones in the book the lesson's learned and applied here work just as well. Only problem is I hope a third edition comes out before the next storm
    "How to avoid small ships" since a 20 ft Bayliner on the shoulder of the road took off my side view mirror
  • Katie - LOVE THIS BOOK!I have been unable to put this book down since I ordered it - I have since bought a copy for my sister...and then I have to buy a copy for my mom too, because I don't know who to give it to first. Great story of a distopian society, with three main story lines, twists and turns...I can hardly wait to get to the end, yes I never want it to end - one of the best books I've ever read, hands down.
  • T. Carson - Our family keeps this on hand alwaysI always keep these on hand for my daughter who is somewhat intolerant to wheat. It greatly helps her digest wheat when she is not in a position to obtain spelt bread products. This product relieves her discomfort of bloating and cramping, but it is only a tool. She does remarkably well on a non wheat diet.