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  • Tyler Forge "realist" - a good study guideSo, you think you want to be a lawyer ...

    Firstly, I have to point out that anyone taking the LSAT most certainly should take a prep course or work their way through a prep book like this one. Sure, you can do fine without it, but for most people the LSAT is a competitive event. It is worth it to do very well.

    As far as prep courses/and books go - Kaplan has always produced fine products and this one is no exception. Actually, it's pretty much a no brainer. Get this book and work through it.

    I, personally, am already a lawyer but am checking out a few career enhancing moves. Oddly, one of them has taking the LSAT as an early step in the scheme. So, I am working through this book. It isn't difficult or anything like that, but (as I stated earlier) the LSAT must absolutely be approached as a competition. Prior and recent exposure to the materials can't hurt.
  • ChristineS. - More than an ordinary blender...Lord Jesus, from up above, deliver us from long tedious reviews on Amazon. The Nutribullet will probably save my life, as I heal from Breast cancer sans radical surgery, chemo, drugs or radiation. After grappling with juicers, blenders,& frustrated with the strict green diet, this surely is God-sent. The bullet is incredibly easy and fun! It's not "just a blender", but seems akin to an external new digestive tract. The gut took a beatin' from antibiotics, Nsaids, stress, caffeine; wasn't assimilating nutrients properly. I've had sinus headaches for decades due to food sensitivities, which no longer exist since blasting. My supplements can cost upwards of $1,000. per month, but now I feel comfortable reducing them. The Bullet is so powerful;as if it's going to dance on the countertop or blast-off into the stratosphere, yet it gently pulverizes. Go Raw!
  • Dr. Heiner Neuling - Above And Beyond Augmented RealityI've read Robert Scoble's and Shel Israel's new book with great pleasure.
    The authors take you on an exciting journey through the contextual world, which is beyond just augmented reality.

    You learn almost everything about contextual technology and how it will change our lives in many ways. The authors obviously did a lot of research about what is already possible today and what will be possible in the near future. They give us very detailed examples about many little high-tech gizmos, which make our lives easier, safer and more transparent (the latter, of course, is a double-edged sword).

    But the book is not limited to sensors, it's about five forces in the contextual age: mobile, social media, data, sensors and location.

    According to Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars) "the force" is an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together (well, that's far far in the future).

    I understand, after reading "Age of Context", that the force is already here to a certain extent, we just have to learn to see , to use and to master it -- to avoid the creation of Skynet/Matrix scenarios. I miss a deeper discussion of this last issue (the possible danger of self-modifying collaborative sensor/data networks), but at least the authors were tangent to the danger of data misuse and the loss of privacy.

    Overall, the book is easy to read and not only understood by geeks in the fields of the five contextual forces.

    Since personal experiences were used heavily, the book turned out to be a successful mixture of scientific literature and a science fiction novel. I recommend reading "Age of Context" to everyone between 12 and 120!
  • Annette Gaarden "Annette Gaarden" - The best ! - but take it off at night.This is a fantastic make up. Very easy to put on without looking "caky" at all. I works for me and leaves a completely natural look. The best is that you don't have to use so much as you think.

    Just remember that less is more, or else it can turn into flakes and look anything else than natural.

    There is one thing I will recommend: use a moisturiser and let it go into your skin (almost) before you put bareMinerals on. The foundation is very fine to even out skin tones. I have a touch of rosacea, but bareMinerals is still the best to use.

    Some women can sleep with it, but my expirience is that it's better to TAKE IT OFF AT NIGHT. It can cause pimples at the jawline if you let it stay on.

    I can only recommend to give it a try!