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  • Johanna - If you love your child, you must buy this shirtWhat can I say about this shirt that hasn't already been written? Its powers are mythic and nothing short of miraculous. I bought it for my three year old girl who loves wolves. On the first day she wore it, she was able to recite pi to 98 digits. The second day she wore it, she was able to play a Mozart concerto on her B Meowsic keyboard. Right now, she is busy painting the ceiling of her bedroom in crayons, a masterpiece that will surely rival the Sistene Chapel in its majesty. We are expecting her acceptance letter to Harvard any day now. If you are at all invested in the future of your child, you must buy this shirt. Don't bother with expensive prep schools, tutoring, coaches... three wolves on a t-shirt is all you need.
  • Timothy Schreier - While not the paradigm shift it's predecessor were, it's still very good.I can understand how people are frustrated with game for numerous reasons, but I find there is a lot more good than bad in Diablo 3.

    I played Diablo 1 and 2 to death, and those games were revolutionary. Diablo 3 is just a streamlining, distillation of what makes Diablo fun... and guess what? That makes for a really fun game.

    The action is faster paced than D2 could ever be. And the skill system may not be as complicated as D2, but you have everything available to you all the time. If the game gets monotonous, you can try out different combinations and change the way your character plays. I'm playing a witch doctor and focused on exploding zombie dogs my first playthrough, my second is focusing on slow and poison.

    I'll admit it doesn't feel as atmospheric nor does it have the same sense of foreboding in the voice over, but those qualities are ultimately lost on the player anyway once they get into the thick of the action.

    I don't think this genre of game is for everyone. But for people who have enjoyed games like Diablo and Torchlight in the past, if you just play the game and have fun with what D3 actually does better than the previous games (the crazy fast pace) I promise you'll have a great time.
  • carmen - concentrated knowledgeI have already purchased copies of this book for a number of friends. I think my own improvement on the advice of this book is testimony enough to them! Excellent concentration of knowledge, gathering all the good bits from a number of sources - it really has saved me years of research and trial-and-error. I can't say enough how wonderful the work of Donna Gates is.
  • Barry Eisler - Best Since The Dark SideLike Jane Mayer's The Dark Side, but much broader in its basis and scope, Dirty Wars is the most thorough and authoritative history I've read yet of the causes and consequences of America's post 9/11 conflation of war and national security. I know of no other journalist who could have written it: For over a decade, Scahill has visited the war zones, overt and covert; interviewed the soldiers, spooks, jihadists, and victims; and seen with his own eyes the fruits of America's bipartisan war fever. He risked his life many times over to write this book, and the result is a masterpiece of insight, journalism, and true patriotism. Read it.
  • Stephanie - Gave me my confidence back!As a female, I have always struggled with my weight, especially belly fat. I used to dance, so since quitting, weight had definitely become a concern. After trying this for just a couple months, I stopped eating for boredom and found myself feeling thinner and losing the belly fat that I always hated. I would not recommend any other weight loss product!