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  • Charles - Are you a Christian? Read this book!I believe we will soon experience the beginning of the Great Tribulation spoken
    about in the Bible. If you are a Born Again Christian, you have often
    heard about the rapture and you probably believe it will happen before the

    Great Tribulation. That has been my belief for over 35 years, but not
    anymore. John Shorey in his thorough study of end time events has
    helped me to see the truth that we will not be living in heaven during the
    first half of this earth-shaking seven year period. I recommend you read
    this book, check every Bible verse, make spiritual and physical
    preparations, and share it with your family, pastor and friends. We need
    not be surprised as these near future events begin to happen. If we heed
    Jesus' words to watch, be not deceived, beware, be ready and hear what the
    Spirit says to the churches. I pray that you will give John Shorey the
    opportunity to help you take a second look at the timing of the rapture,
    have a more accurate understanding of the scriptures, and seriously
    consider the warning signs of our times.

    Charles Lorentzen, Kalispell, Montana
  • Ann B. Keller "Ann B. Keller" - Fabulously ImprobableThis is the story of the dazzling young starlet, Dee Moray, whose unfortunate encounter with Richard Burton leaves her forever changed. At first, they explain that Dee is apparently dying of cancer and she escapes to the remote Italian village of Porto Vergogna for the duration of her illness. There, the kindness of Pasquale Tursi, the innkeeper, impresses the young American woman and a strange friendship begins to blossom.

    A visiting doctor suspects the truth about Dee's strange "illness," but Dee has already been changed by her brief stay in the vintage hotel. Here, life and death seem poised on the brink of a precipice, where virtue and kindness are weighed against gluttony and avarice.

    The ending is interesting and thought provoking. Intense introspection is the crowning achievement of this rare novel. Read it - and be forever changed.
  • Robert Anderson - Sade- Bring me home- BlurayI have a large collection of concert dvds and blu-ray discs, Most of which I treasure. This concert ( which I saw in Adelaide South AustraliaSade: Bring Me Home - Live 2011 (Blu-ray) is a stand out in my collection. Sade's songs together with her outstanding musicians, innovative arrangements, stunning stage presentation and lighting are simply superb. Put it all on Bluray, watch and listen and just salivate over the whole show. This is my first Amazon review after some years of purchasing music. So do yourself a favor and get it. cheers Robert Anderspon.
  • Neva J Albaugh - Quicken 2011 (old version)I ordered this program based on the reviews. It takes a little time to learn the main features but is worth it. I like it very much and it has brought me up to date with my finances. Needed to use it long ago. Have only had it a short time, still learning. I do not use the online features. I use another program for securing my passwords. And do not need to have my information floating out there in the wide world web. I can see at a glance what has been and what needs to be paid without searching through statements. I do not go Green on statements as I figure that maybe saving the creditors money but uses my ink and paper. Why should I pay more when I already pay for that statement with interest to them. Enjoy! Inexpensive and worth the money.