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  • Caitlin Martin "addicted to words" - Simply, quietly, brilliant and canny ...Mantel writes beautiful prose and has a deeply held perspective on history. After a zillion books about Anne Boleyn and her fair, but lost head, Mantel's telling of this story is rich and compelling. Seen through the eyes of Thomas Cromwell, the Tudor court is both glittering and rotting. As Henry's top advisor it is up to Cromwell to re-write the past, to punish transgressors to Henry's vision, and to remove any obstacle to Henry's desire for a son.

    Henry is an after-thought here. He's the Wizard of Ozian character, back behind the curtain, pulling the levers and setting the task. The stars here are Anne and Cromwell as they pursue a fever-pitched battle for survival. If you know only the bare bones of this history, you know who won (and no, it was neither Anne nor Cromwell).

    Mantel's writing is impeccable, her plot and timing spot-on, her imagery vivid. This is not your average historical fiction, but rather a deep dive into the history of the Tudor court in all its tarnished beauty. A must read.
  • djbuik "djbuik" - This prodcut gave me my life backI went to several doctors and had numerous tests for aching lymph nodes and severe fatigue over a one and a half year period. I was told I potentially had MS, a brain tumor, or lymphoma based upon the results of my CT scans and blood tests and ended up having a spinal tap and suffering a spinal leak (very painful). I was ultimately told it was most likely a virus affecting my immune system, which may or may not eventually go away. After getting no relief or answers, my wife happened upon this product searching the internet for a solution. After suffering for so long, I was willing to try anything, yet remained very skeptical. This product worked almost immediately and really helped me. My lymph nodes no longer hurt, and I am essentially back to normal. I still need to watch my sugar intake, but Fivelac keeps me on track. I have never given a product a review, but felt compelled to do so based upon all the suffering I experienced which was clearly needless. I'm not saying it is a cure-all, but it really helped my symptoms and helped me return to a normal life.
  • singing my way to happiness - this is amazing! can't wait to see what will happen when i finish the entire book!This book is absolutely amazing, get it if you are suffering or a creative block or maybe doubting your artistic abilities...
    I began to read it last night and only got to the 2d chapter when I started feeling inspired to write so I skipped sleep and wrote an amazing song that I'm proud to say is one of the best things i have ever written!
    Increible! I'm excited !
    In addition to this, it also brought me back to myself and my love to what I'm doing!
    get it get get it get it!
  • C. Giannelli "Gamer guy" - Spore, the Universe is yoursIt's a real shame EA has included DRM into the game. It's like imprisoning your customers and restricting all freedoms they have to however the company sees fit and desires to earn profit. Someday game companies may even sell yearly licenses for games sort of like Norton Utilities and Antivirus...

    But aside from the much hated DRM as you see in well over 1,500 1 star reviews, this game is an unpolished Gem. With enough support and purchases this game, through expansion packs will be an ultimate hit. Just the creature creator alone will bring out the artist/god in you. You'll find you are spending more time creating than actually playing the game, and that is a good thing.

    The game has 5 stages which are like 5 games blended into one. THe stages are covered many times over so I would feel it not required to cover them yet again. What I will say, that while fun, and mildly amusing the first 4 stages are fluff, and a set up to the real meat, the real game... THe galactic stage.

    In the galactic stage you all of the sudden find yourself overwhelmed with things to do. Imediately you have at least 100 star systems around you and each one can be flown to and explored. There is life out there, but the truck load, thousands of civilizations out there to make friends with and conquer.

    The unique part of this game, and the most exciting is that each game played is unique and will continually change as time goes on. As more people in the ever growing community add more content, so too will Spore evolve giving a new look and feel for each time you play.

    In galactic mode, this gives the sense to an infinite galaxy rife with an endless array of things to do. As you eradicate one species, 10 more come to existence.

    It's a rife shame then, that with this amazing online play, and easily tracked games and serial, that they would even feel the need to take a step further and incorporate a strict DRM policy on the game. As the 1500 other reviewers feel, it is inapropriate.

    One such reviewer made the obvious statement that we're "renting" the game. Which has always been the case in software. When you buy it at the store it comes with a license that you need to accept in order to use the software. Almost all software companies go on to state that you do not own the software and are simply licensing it's use. It's fortunate then that we only need to pay once for the things we buy.

    Another commentor said that EA may one day turn off the DRM servers essentially "bricking" our software. This is true, but EA, a multibillion dollar company said that if they do turn off the DRM servers, they would release a patch to remove the DRM. It would be nice to see this patch earlier.

    In the end Spore is an excellent game with vast potential. The hurting factor is the DRM EA vested into it.
  • Mike Kay - KdLinks "USB 3.0 4 port Hub" is a great addition for your computer.The other reviews I see all tell you just how great this hub is, and it is a great hub.

    I had a bit of trouble with a different non powered Kdlinks 3.0 hub due to drivers or something. I emailed the company and Kdlinks had the hub replaced, not with just another of the cheaper model I was having trouble with, but with this much more expensive model, just to make sure I was happy.

    That was amazing enough, but even more amazing was that the new hub arrived THE NEXT DAY. You don't get that kind of service on replacement items with most companies. Oh sure, most companies replace their failed items, in a few weeks... This one gets to it immediately to keep your business.

    Any company that will go not just the extra yard, but the extra 10 miles to keep your business, deserves all the business it can get.

    And now to mention that it is a great product, and being it is powered instead of just straight USB powered, it charges any of my devices a lot faster than if it had to draw its power from the computer strictly. It also links to everything I have tested without any problems.

    The only flaw I've found is that very occasionally you plug a device in and the blue link light doesn't come on even though the computer immediately recognizes and can use the device that you plugged in. If the light being out annoys you, you can just replug in the device and it lights up, but I don't bother since the device keeps working fine even if the blue light forgets to come on.

    If you are looking for a powered hub, this is what you are looking for. You couldn't find a better 3.0 hub and a company more determined to keep your business and fix any issues you have.