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  • Nona Frisbey - A HORRIBLE NINE-MONTH ORDEAL EXPLAINED WITH DIGNITY AND GRACE.Elizabeth Smart lived in our neighborhood at the time of her kidnapping. Members of our neighborhood experienced the trauma in a very personal way, including house to house searches and searches in the mountains and hills surrounding our homes. We, personally, (along with most others we know) prayed every day at least once that she would be protected and returned to her family. Nine months after her kidnapping II remember exactly where I was when I heard on the car radio that "Elizabeth is home." I was overcome with chills, tears and gratitude beyond expression.

    The book is written clearly and without sensationalism, which I appreciate.
  • Roger Greenberg "rgreenbe" - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1-Inch, Wi-Fi)I had a laptop that finally crapped out and based on reviews, I decided to get this tablet. The 10.1 inch screen is adequate and the WI-FI is great. It paired up perfectly.. The Android system is the same as my Galaxy S3 phone so navigating the tablet is a snap. I can do almost anything that I did with my laptop. I think it's great..
  • C. Nofar - Very informative, highly suggested for med school applicationI'm 28 and taking the MCAT for the first time. I'm applying in June 2010 so I can enter med school in the 2011 calendar year. The MSAR book is very reasonably priced and includes answers to so many different question you probably have on your mind:

    What's the application process?
    What classes do I need?
    What MCAT scores does a school require?
    When should I apply?
    What's the school like?

    My suggestion is to buy this book at least a few months before you plan on applying to med school. There's so much information in the book it'll take some time to review and figure out what schools you want to apply to. I've gone through and been able to figure out, based on my GPA and scores, what schools I'm most likely going to get accepted from. For example, if I wanted to apply to a school that's out of my state of residence, then I looked up how many non-residents were accepted to that school. One school I saw accepted 290 students total, but only 5 from out of state. There's no point in me applying there and wasting my application fee if there's no chance of me getting in.

    Overall, I think this book is great and I'm glad I purchasd it. It's only about $25 and highly recommended (should be required, in my point of view).
  • - THIS BOOK IS PURE ENTERTAINMENT!!!I was one of the lucky ones to get my hands on an advanced copy and tore right into it. The plot and characters are more plausible than recent Stephanie Plum plots and is as good, if not better than, "One for the money". The only drawback is that I'll be disappointed when I see it on the bookstore shelves and realize I've already read it. If only Janet could crank 'm out faster.......
  • Greg Blasingame "BGAME" - Gohkale MethodThis book is truley a life changing book. I have struggled with low back issues for 30 years. I am very physically active but my back sidelined me on a regular basis. I had tried accupuncture, chiropractor, message therapy, physical therapy & eventually surgery. I had reached the point where I was going to have to stop working out and was very frustrated. Then I stumbled accross Ester's book. I am a Martial Artist and so much of what we do in the martial arts revolves around posture. I began working through the techniques in the book and experinecnced imediate relief. It's not an instant fix and changing your posture takes time and commitment. I just think she needs to rename the book. It is not just for people who suffer from back pain, is really a book for everyone. I recommend it to every Martial Artist I train with. It's a must read for any athelete who wants to get better at whatever sport they train in with less injury.