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  • Donald - Pleasantly Surprised With Quicken Premier 2011 As Replacement For Microsoft MoneyAfter having used Microsoft Money since the 97 version, I was disappointed when Microsoft announced the end of life for Money. And I was not looking forward to converting all the Money data to Quicken. I was able to become a Quicken Beta tester and have used Quicken Premier 2011 as a replacement for Money since August of 2010. The conversion of at least 13 years of bank, credit card, and investment data was easy and accurate. After a very short learning curve Quicken Premier 2011 has easily replaced Money. I'm still discovering new features and appreciate all the work that has gone into online banking.
  • KfromTX - Really Works, be sure to follow directions EXACTLYI purchased this product from the company website after reading extensive reviews here on Amazon. No difference in price but I think they threw in the healing balm, which I did not like and did not use. I have a lot of moles on my body, most are small but had 2 which were larger that bothered me, they were on my face. I know you are wondering why I would take a chance on something like this on my face, right? Well, one of them had already been treated by a doctor years before but came back, so I was hesitant to go back to the doctor again. I had heard of bloodroot (the active ingredient in this product) for removing moles, warts, etc. so thought I'd give it a try when I had some time off from work. This is a folk remedy which has been used for hundreds of years with lots of success, long before there were dermatologists. Both moles on my face were removed beautifully. The one that the doctor failed with took 2 applications to remove because it was larger and apparently deep. Be sure to follow the directions EXACTLY and it will work for you, remember some large ones take more than one application and they are not pretty as they are healing, folks. DO NOT pick the scab and keep putting Neosporin on the spot as it heals and you won't have a scar. I am extremely fair skinned and scar easily and although the marks stayed pink for about a month, eventually they faded and you cannot even tell where it was. There is plenty in this small tube to remove lots of moles. I also removed a large skin tag behind my ear, a mole on my leg and a skin tag on my adult son, still plenty left. I know there are lots of people who think the only way you should have moles removed is by a doctor but it is expensive and time consuming, even if you have health insurance. If the mole looks abnormal in ANY WAY you should definitely see a doctor but if it is just a regular mole you want gone, I recommend this product. I would not hesitate to use this again on myself or any member of my family. Best time to do this is in the winter when your skin will not be exposed to the sun.
  • Amazon Mama - Awesome Latte Machine!I've been using my Mr. Coffee latte machine on a daily basis for nearly a month now and can't think of a complaint. I use ground Starbucks Espresso Roast in the basket and skim milk. I was surprised at how much froth is actually makes. Although I prefer a regular latte, I've had company over that likes specialty drinks so I've made several from the provided recipe booklet. The Chai Tea latte and Pumpkin Spice latte were both big hits. I would recommend that even if you don't wash it right away, you rinse out the pitcher after use so that the froth doesn't get messy. I'd say that if you left it when running out the door to work, it might be hard to clean out later. After seeing mine and tasting the outcome, my sister and another family friend are planning to purhcase their own.
  • Donald R. Russell "Hardcore Zappa Fan" - It does more than track your pet!This product is great! The customer service is second to none. I originally bought the device when my newly adopted Giant Schnauzer got away from me on a night walk. I thought for sure that her leash would get caught in trees or shrubs and that I'd have to get a helicopter the next day to find her, she is not a barker and would probably be trapped waiting for someone to come to her rescue. After a stressful search, I found her in someone's backyard, she would not approach the other humans, kept her distance until she heard my voice.

    The very next day I bought the Tagg device for her. The device works perfectly, the messages come quickly on my iPhone and never worry about her getting lost. I was concerned about the tracking feature, as it is mentioned in other reviews comparing it to the Garmin, quite honestly, I didn't know that Garmin made a dog tracking device, once they explain how the device tracks you will have no worries, they seem to understand pet behavior very well at Tagg.

    There is more to the Tagg device than tracking or locating a wandering pet. One of the coolest features is the activity tracking feature. I do not worry about my dog getting lost anymore, we have bonded and she is never on a leash and never out of ear shot. The activity tracker is awesome! It tracks how much time my dog spend resting, being lightly active, moderately active and highly active. This information is excellent, I know when she is not having a good day at doggie day care. You can set a daily point goal, I know when she needs more exercise, (and that means I get more exercise too) and when she's had a very busy day and completely explains why she just collapses after a good day at doggie daycare. It also alerts me, by why of how active she has been, if anything has changed. Some time ago I noticed her doggie daycare points slipping, when I spoke to the owner I learned that he was mostly away from the daycare taking care of his kids for the summer, the handlers at the daycare were not as engaging as the owner. After some discussion and almost a change to another daycare, he returned to his duties when school started and my dog's points moved back up to where they were before - while the cat's away the mice do what the want kind of thing. I was worried that my dog was having a health issue since her points were not where the belonged, and frankly, she can sleep at home for free. If not for the activity feature, I would have never been the wiser.

    I am sure that the Tagg people will continue to update and improve the features and the app, I've suggested that they add a vibrate feature, something I used when she was trained using an e-collar. A strobe would be nice too. As far as battery life, it is reasonable and you get a message when you need to recharge the device, no big deal. Considering that the device is really a cell phone minus the display, microphone, speaker and keyboard, and who doesn't have to charge their cell phones every day? Recharging is no big deal at all.

    The sleeve they developed for accidental detachments from the collar is perfect, my dog is active and could get the device off her holder while getting under a fence or other barrier, you get a message when that happens too. The sleeve is great and stylish. If I had a dollar for every time someone at the dog park asked me to explain the collar and where to get one, it would have cost me nothing. Many fellow dog owners at the park now sport the Tagg collar.

    The park is right behind the animal shelter and many newly adopted pets come to play there once they have been adopted. The Tagg collar is perfect in many ways, the location part is good, but I rarely use it, the activity tracking I use every single day. Over time I hope that Tagg will make the activity data in a downloadable format to track my dog's activity as she grows older.

    Lastly, the customer service team at Tagg is stellar!! I can't stress this enough. They work with you through any issue and resolve any issue promptly, professionally and, in my experience anyway, with the customer's best interest in mind ahead of theirs. If all customer service departments worked like Tagg's, life would be wonderful. They listen and actually hear you. If you have suggestions, they pass them on to the development team. I could go on for many paragraphs about the level of service they provide, if I could give them 10 stars I would. They take care of the customer and work tirelessly to improve the product, I look forward to newer versions with more features and I will gladly pay for them. I can't compare the Garmin or any other pet tracking device, but the Tagg does so much more than finds a roaming pet - the activity feature is completely wonderful - and didn't cost another penny!
  • Katherine Davis - Cute Overload Calendar is the best ever.Cute Overload as a website is truly adorable, hilarious and entertaining, but having a daily dose on paper
    via my Page-A-Day Cute Overload calendar is an awesome low-tech way to get a dose of the cute! The captions are
    super silly and the pictures perfectly chosen...and I save the super cute ones in a book when I need a dose of
    adorable animals and can't get to the Cute Overload website. Love it!