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  • Mimi Rockefeller - Posted photos of my little experiment - Impressive stuff!I was very curious as to what sort of results to expect from this product (bought it for our white sofa since the retailer's "protection plan" was a joke), so I decided to do a little experiment and apply red wine to a treated and untreated portion of material (photos added for you to see). The spill on the Scotchgarded portion beaded up while the unprotected portion soaked the wine up right away. I let it sit for a few minutes and eventually the wine did absorb into the material. When I tried to remove the stain from both sections (using only water), the red wine actually came out of the treated side while the untreated side appeared to be stained. The results were very impressive! I'm on the "what else can I apply this to?" bandwagon now.

    Amount needed - I treated an extra large sofa and a small fully upholstered chair with two coats each and used 4.5 cans (10 oz size). Found that using painters tape to mark the untreated areas helped me remember where I had or had not spayed since I couldn't really see a significant change in the fabric's appearance and when I would look away to open my second can of Scotchgard I would lose my place.

    Smell. If you've ever stepped into a small nail salon that applies acrylic nails, that's about what this stuff smells like to me. Since I currently live in a high rise, I was concerned about the ventilation requirements since I can only open a patio door and crack a window. I applied one coat to my sofa, got caught up on a phone call and didn't leave the room, causing a slight headache (totally my fault). When it came time for the second coat, I was sure to go to a different room after spraying the item and had no issues whatsoever. Just sharing my mistake in case anyone else without outdoor space is thinking of using this product - it's very possible and very much worth doing, but just be sure to leave the area until the odor dissipates.
  • Charissa M. Welsh - LOVE MY PRIME!I've named her Aces, and I take her with me everywhere! This is my absolute favorite piece of tech equipment EVER, and I'm a major techno-weenie! My only problem was trying to inert a micro SD card. I put it in wrong and was afraid I would damage the machine. Other than that, it's light and fast and the screen resolution is fabulous! I watch movies on it, read books, and play games wherever I go. This tablet has been my daily companion. I can't say enough about how much I love this thing, but I'll stop now anyway.
  • GrahamS - Essential and RefreshingThis is essential reading for anyone who wishes to engage in a 21st century debate on morality. In fact, it is essential full stop. This is an ambitious, controvertial and powerful book. I look forward to following how this argument unfolds as new advocates and antagonists weigh in. Intellectual honesty and robust reasoning shines throughout.