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  • ProperGander News (Dr. Emil Shuffhausen) - Hey you ... can you help me?It has been said that anger and rage are often rooted in fear and hurt. If so, Roger Waters has experienced several lifetimes' worth of terror and pain, as evidenced by his searing lyrics and vocals on THE WALL. In every regard, this is an epic, serious work of operatic or Shakespearian proportions.

    Yet, it is also strangely cathartic and healing, and contains many moments of mysterious beauty and melody. The alternating fury and reverie certainly set the template for things to come later with bands such as Radiohead and Coldplay.

    A deeply personal work, THE WALL tells us a lot about the boyhood life of Roger Waters and millions of others like him growing up fatherless after the tragedy of WWII. Such an experience shaped the UK and Europe in far greater ways than we can imagine. "The Happiest Days of Our Lives" and the "Another Brick in the Wall" paint a picture of horror for British schoolboys, while the stifling "Mother" and "Empty Spaces" range between saccharine and menace.

    "Run Like Hell" packs a mighty's almost like a mob hit song set to a dance beat. And, there's the dreamy/nightmarish "Comfortably Numb" with its peerless guitar solo from David Gilmour, which ranks near the top of the greatest FM songs of all time. Another classic is "Hey You," which is a painfully raw and honest plea for help, set amidst lush harmonies and acoustic guitar washes.

    Producer Bob Ezrin pulls out all of the stops here, with strings, choirs, sound effects, and all manner of instrumentation held in delicate tension...thundering one moment, whispering the next. The band plays, yet there is a sense of isolation amongst the players. This was both purposeful and, ultimately, devastating to the band itself. But that's another story.

    In the meantime, it seems that half the free world owns a copy of THE WALL in some form or fashion. It's a telling and often brutal look at the human condition and human nature, set to some of the most powerful music made in the Classic Rock era.
  • ADC92 - Pretty AmazingI bought this product because of all of the amazing reviews I read on here. I have great dental hygiene (floss every day, brush at least 2x a day, and use mouthwash), but my breath still smelled horrible even after I had just brushed/flossed/used mouthwash. It turned out to be tonsil stones from my constant allergies. I'd been struggling with this for months, and it was absolutely ruining my life. I was considering asking my doctor for a tonsillectomy just to end the madness. I decided to give this product a shot, and I was absolutely SHOCKED at how amazing it works! After using the mouthwash, my breath felt fresh and incredible. Even after the minty scent wore off, my breath didn't smell at all. It seriously kills EVERY smell coming out of your mouth. Once you eat, that's a bit of a different story, but your breath still won't smell as horrible as it did before. One thing I will say though, is that it DOES NOT remove your tonsil stones (at least it hasn't removed mine). I still see them in my tonsils, but they aren't as gross-looking as they were before, AND they don't smell anymore. Because I'm not struggling with the smell, I don't feel the urge to take them out. I just leave them alone, and I feel a ton better. BUY THIS PRODUCT! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

    EDIT - I have only been using this for about a week now, and I'm already 80% of the way done with one of the bottles, and I rinse twice a day as recommended. Be very thrifty with it, as it is expensive and empties quickly.
  • BigStory - Quickens Legal Business Pro 2011 is great for Small Business OwnersQuicken's Legal Business Pro 2011 is jam-packed with many of the neccessary legal documents for those who are self-employed and/or small business owners. This set comes with a CD and small booklet.

    In addition to a myriad of legal documents, the CD also contains 5 Nolo books in PDF format(Starting & Running Small Business, Tax Savvy for Small Business, The Manager's Legal Handbook, How to Create a Business Plan, and Business Loans from Family & Friends).

    There's also a 'Legal Companion' handbook that gives simple advice in many areas of life such as: Changing your name, Starting a band, Writing a book, Quitting your job, Traffic tickets, etc. The advice is given out in a short, top 10 list.

    I did notice that one of the tax forms is slightly outdated(2010 instead of 2011) but overall this is a great package with so many useful documents. I've been using this for over a year and just got around to writing a review for it. There is an updated version out there, so look for that one instead.
  • Chachi - Run For The Hills!!/Gave it a second Chance 9/21/13Stick with Windows 7. 8 is way too much trouble. The new start screen is a burdon to me. No Thanks.

    Update 9/21/13:

    With the news of Windows 8.1 coming out soon, I decided to give 8 another try. For some reason, I am having a much better experience this time around. I actually like it a lot now. I guess I just had to get used to it. When 8.1 is released, I will definitely boot straight to Desktop. I do still have Windows 7 though, as I purchased a second Hard Drive, and made a Dual Boot rig with Windows 8 being the default. This works for me.
  • nancy "Nancy" - HELPED OUR BUSINESS GROWQuickBooks was the answer to our small business needs. As we grew this was the program that grew with us. We evolved as did this wonderful program. It allows a small business to handle their finances, sales, customer and vendor base with ease. We could not be happier and would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to improve their business and have a partner in growth like Intuit. Thank you so much for your products