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  • E. Baxter - great, durable fun for young childrenI had been looking at the LeapPad2 as a present for my son's 4th birthday when I saw this Monsters University package available. When it arrived the first thing I noticed was the great color scheme. The blue frame with the Monsters Inc./University characters on it looks really nice. The user setup was quite easy, taking you step-by-step, and I had no problems. My son enjoys that his picture is attached to his profile. I was already familiar with the LeapPad2's standard software package but this one came with a few extras. There is a calendar, calculator, and notepad. Right now my son doesn't care about them, but it doesn't really hurt to have them and maybe older kids would get some use out of them, especially the calculator. My son has been using his LeapPad for a few weeks now and we've had no problems with it. It is simple enough that he can operate it himself after I gave him a brief demonstration of the front- and rear-facing cameras, the tilt-sensitive control, and the microphone. The rubberized monster cover is great. My 1-yr-old laughs when he sees it with its ONE EYE! The small horns are fun too. The stickers were a big hit with the kids as well. My 1-yr-old enjoys just using the stylus or his fingers to draw or paint pictures in the art studio app which has a good variety of options for pencil or brush, colors, and stamps and it also makes pencil or paint brush sounds while you work on your art. It also came installed with the standard pet game which allows you to take care of your pet. This includes activities such as tickling, feeding, and bathing them. For instance, when bathing you select the steps to wash your customized pet. When it is time to dry you blow into the microphone, it makes a blow dryer noise and your pet gets dry. Both my sons find this great fun. This pet game also allows your child a chance to practice writing their letters and my 4-yr-old uses this quite a bit. The package comes with a $20 gift card to redeem with LeapFrog online which I did with no trouble. I haven't spent it yet but it's nice that you can apply the balance to your account and don't have to spend it immediately. That way I don't have to keep track of the gift card until I decide on a purchase. The software setup on my computer was no problem. I just plugged in the LeapPad and it prompts you to through the installation or starts the application if it's already installed. The app itself is easy to navigate and keeps track of each LeapFrog device and profile you have. I can monitor my son's progress in different areas such as shape recognition, math, reading, writing, science, et cetera. This is a really nice feature. I was easily able to download and install the freebie app from a small selection of their free giveaways. So far we've purchased the Jake and the Neverland pirates games which my son loves. He pops in the cartridge and away he goes. The other titles we've downloaded and installed including an e-book which can read it to you or let you read it yourself and a spaceship game.

    We recently went on vacation and this was the perfect distraction on the airplane. Overall I'm really pleased with this device. There's no wifi connectivity so I don't have to worry about my kids being exposed to anything I didn't put on there myself. The awesome monster cover looks and feels great so my son doesn't want to take it off like he might be tempted to do otherwise and it protects all the edges in case of a drop. The screen is bright and clear and the volume goes all the way up and down with many comfortable settings between and there's also a headphone jack. The apps are very helpful to children. Most verbally guide your child through the skills needed to play the game, offering help when the child seems to be stuck and sometimes indicating with arrows where a particular control is on the device. The games are educational, building math, reading, and writing skills, and not overly expensive. The front and rear cameras are decent quality and fun to use to incorporate picture and movies into apps like the cartoon movie creator. Any pictures, video, or projects your child creates on the LeapPad are easily synced to the computer when you plug in the USB. It'll ask you if you want to copy or transfer the content off. I believe that mp3s can now be sent and played on this LeapPad2 which they couldn't do before, but I'm pretty sure recent software updates have enabled this which is nice. I haven't tried it yet though. I do wish they would package it with the LeapFrog LeapPad2 Recharger Pack (Works only with LeapPad2) since we do go through batteries. Other than that, the LeapPad2 is a great product and the monsters theme makes it all the more fun.
  • Bee M. - No more irritation or infections! AMAZING!For the last two years I have been suffering with recurrent Yeast Infections, and Bacterial Vaginosis. Anything would cause this, especially sexual intercourse. My boyfriend and I could not have sex, even some types of foreplay, without me feeling itchy and uncomfortable after. I've been to the doctor over 10 times alone this year and they have prescribed the same antibiotics and Diflucan. NOTHING WORKED! I had enough and decided to do some research on my own. I tried taking cranberry pills and acidophilus pill and that didn't work. I stumbled upon Rephresh Pro B Pills and purchased and I saw improvements very quickly! I've been taking this pill for close to a month and haven't had any infections or itchiness or irritation. After sex I don't feel dreadful like I used to. This pill works wonders! I never thought that I would find something to help and I thought that the doctors knew it all. But REPHRESH PRO B was really the answer to all of my problems!
  • Francois Parent "KanuK" - Former MS-Money User Loves Quicken 2011I must admit I was very disappointed when Microsoft announced that it was discontinuing MS-Money. I have been a faithful user since the early 2000 and was pleased with it. I also knew that the February deadline was coming fast and had no choice but move on to some other product. After searching for various alternatives, both online and standalone, I ended up selecting Quicken Home and Business 2011 (being self-employed I need the business module).

    At first I was quite nervous about Quicken's ability to load almost 10-years worth of history and be able to make sense of it. To my surprise, and delight, Quicken did a splendid job loading all my accounts (and I have many of them: 8 credit cards from various Banks, 3 bank accounts, 8 investment and retirement accounts). In most cases, Quicken was able to set the online banking connections to my financial institutions. It did miss a few that it label as "unavailable". I was able to fix those with little effort by following these steps; 1) start the process for adding a new account, 2) select the financial institution, 3) enter the login information and password, 4) when the financial institution presents you with your account number(s), use the drop-down choice to link each one to one of your imported account. That's it! As far as I can tell Quicken offers at least the same choices of online banking than MS-Money did, if not more.

    I also made some changes to the program preferences. For example, I did not like the fact that by default Quicken automatically enters new downloaded transactions in their registers: I like to view them first. Fortunately, there is a setting for this and now a red flag appears beside my accounts in the account list (sidebar) so I know when to review them. Also Quicken by default shows the current balances in the account list, not the ending balances which I find more useful. By right-clicking on the account list I was able to change that. Also, by default Quicken is not set to automatically refresh my stock quotes every 15 minutes, so I changed that too. One thing that Quicken did that I did not care for, is that it set up a separate cash account for each investment account. Fortunately, Quicken has a setting to take care of this: 1) click on the investment account in the account list, 2) click on the "account actions" button, 3) select "account details", 4) set "show cash in checking account" to "no".

    Regarding the business module, Quicken was not so good at importing my invoice history. For some reason, my paid invoices came in with a zero amount and the customer payments were missing their categorizations. Because of that, my Schedule C was missing all my income for 2010. To fix this I manually added the missing categories to each of the customer payments, making sure to separate income from expenses. Now my Quicken Schedule C matches the one from MS-Money. That was a big concern.

    Overall, this migration from MS-Money to Quicken was fairly painless. I would say that I spent about 5 hours to ensure that everything was set up to my liking. I still need to learn more about Quicken and its intricacies but so far it's a winner!
  • Karen S. Robertson - Performed as advertised.--naysayers can weep.My Nutri Bullet does everything anyone said it would. I've used it daily for 4 months as part of a low carb, Wheat Belly nutrition plan. I never fill it above the "fill line" and have never experienced any problems with my unit. Don't overfill it and do screw the lid on tight! We travel frequently, and it's the first thing I pack. You won't believe how it cuts up flax seeds, carrots, big nuts, ice, etc. I'm loosing weight and would be losing more if I weren't drinking wine--one thing Nutri Bullet can't cut!