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  • Eskia M. - The "Farewell to Arms" of ship avoidance booksThis is far, far better than H.D. Laing's "A Primer on Large Ship Avoidance" and even Prof. Hork's treatise "Massive Vessel Avoidance: A Practitioner's Guide."

    This isn't theory -- ivory tower types need not apply. This is straight forward, practical information you need if you want to avoid huge ships.
  • A. Doug Floyd "pilgrim" - Amazing. No morning breath.When I started to kiss my wife goodbye, she crunched her face because of my bad breath. I had just brushed my teeth, and my breath still smelled bad. After one too many mornings of this routine, I decided to get some mouthwash. I looked at all the washes and even tried a more expensive brand. Nothing works like Dr. Katz. From the moment I started using it, my bad breath went away.

    My wife is amazed (and loving it). My sister-in-law and her husband both started using it because I love it so much.

    Note: I take medications that cause bad breath and Dr. Katz has effectively removed that odor as well.

    I highly recommend this product for anyone suffering from bad breath and dry mouth.