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  • John W. Wenzelburger - Microsoft Windows 8 Pro - UpgradeI had mixed feeling about upgrading to yet another new windows but it was well done and worth the change.
    HOWEVER if you are happy with Windows 7 and don't like new things then don't bother. Other then the new desktop there is not much in the way it works that would make you want to change from windows 7. I use Windows 7 at work and windows 8 at home and once the "Metro" screen is gone I cant really tell the difference. there are some neat applications for the metro screen that might be worth upgrading and you are getting a faster operating system or it seemed to me to be faster I think this was more meant for tablet use but it works fine on a desktop.
  • JK - Cured!!!!When I picked up this book, I had daily, chronic diarrhea for about 14 months. I had lost 30 pounds over the course of the 14 months. Doctors and GI experts were unable to help. I tried eliminating dairy, gluten, etc. all to no avail. I started the intro diet October 30, 2012. 8 days later my diarrhea stopped. Since then I have noticed bowel improvements daily. The diet is very tough but it's worth it! Follow the protocol and you can be healed!
  • J. Clarke - Excellent product.My family and I have been using Kaspersky Internet Security for years now and are very satisfied with it. It checks your incoming mail (If you use Windows Live Mail) and blocks all malicious internet threats. It doesn't slow your computer down like Norton does and gives you complete peace of mind. We have tried other internet security programs in the past but non has been as good as Kaspersky. You will not regret buying it.
  • Charles Schisler - Not Quite PerfectSam Harris did very well with his analysis. Yet, he overly complicated, as most due in discussing morality (ethics). He did avoid the mysticism of religion, however, to his credit. Ethics has HUMAN roots!
    Ethics is fundamentally very simple. It consists principally in putting yourself (your interests) into the corresponding situation of others. Ethics is essentially a survival mechanism that evolution sorts out for many species and refines by development of the brain.
    Harris correctly sees that ethics is the serious discovery of common sense fairness to fellow humans and has nothing to do with faith or an imagined Super Spook.
    Unfortunately, few writers understand the flaw I discovered as a teenager: Since whatever it is that exists, is necessarily a part of the Totality - surely no part of it could create the entire Whole of existence! The infinite Universe must be eternal.
    Charles Schisler
  • a reader and writer - better than everI used this edition of the O'Henry anthology in my graduate fiction writing workshop recently, along with Best American Short Stories---using these anthologies in classes is something I do often. My students and I consistently find the O'Henry collections to be more varied, sophisticated and satisfying than Best American--and this year's anthology is no exception. I highly recommend it.