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  • k kuhl - Excellent resource for our trip to AlaskaThis is what I was looking for and so much more. I love how easy it is to find the route I want to drive. It has a wealth of info all along any route you could imagine driving. I was expecting a magazine size book but it is over an inch thick! I love that each exit is covered and it lets you know when to be sure to get gas as well as giving you points of interest along the way! I am looking forward to our trip now rather than feeling uncertain and anxious.
  • Cat Lady "avid reader" - My second order was as great as my firstGreat product. I underwent surgery, and with all the drugs my system was off. Gas, bloating, etc. I started taking this product and things improved dramatically. If you are going to have surgery start this as soon as possible. Make sure to let your doctor know first, of course, but my surgeons said no problem, good idea.
  • Jeffrey W. Peterson - The Roadmap to Social SuccessIf you have the courage to follow this program then you will figure out the world of dating! But the biggest thing I feel you will get out of this book if self confidence. That's the number 1 key to meeting and attracting women! Get this book and learn it, know it and live it in that order. You will not be disappointed unless your a Chump. If you don't get "it" then your helpless and a true Chode! You have no more excuses!
  • Joshua J Trujillo - Best Math resourceI'm so glad I was able to purchase this textbook/resource. Since it's been a long time since I was in a math class period, this online resource has been helpful in refreshing my memory as far as procedures I learned a long time ago. It comes with practice lessons and a homework schedule that is easy to understand,and the other tools within the resource like the graphing calculator are helpful too. If you are in need of a resource to refresh the memories of math lessons past, definitely purchase this one!
  • Joel "Iron Maiden - Best music ever." - Good Review Rabbit TVI have been using it for a few days now. Here is an honest review. It streams from a WHOLE LOT of free content sites available. Instead of searching for everything on your own around the web it puts it all in to one program, rabbit tv. Im sure not absolutely all available content from the whole web is available but then again who is able to do that. It streams from youtube, hulu, netflix and more. full movies current and classics, tv shows, radio channels from all around the world. I even checked out a japanese channel that was in english. Has news from the US and around the world. Some live tv news include ABC, Ajezeera, Pentagon, Fox and more. All in all for 10 bucks a year you cant beat it. I consider this a definit buy. Music video channels live and not live. A lot of great content for 10 bucks a year???? it. I don't understand why i have been seeing rip off reviews. Everything has worked for me so far. If you dont like it or consider it a ripoff than your only out ten bucks but I have had no problems. Give it a try. Additonal info. You can buy this at walmart in the ass seen on tv section for 10 bucks and your first year is included in the buy. each additional year is 10 bucks. Yes you can search for everything on your own around the web but who wants to do that? Why not have everything in one program that you can access without having to search all free sites for. Again its only 10 bucks a year. Also, The layout is similar to netflix but looks a lit cooler and more professional instead of just lines of movies to scroll though. Again buy it and try it.