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  • Ethyl Plant - Excellent Beginners SetI am a beginner golf (about 1 month). This set was purchased by my brother (who started playing golf about 8 months ago) as a beginner set. He gave me this set when he upgraded to a Taylor Made set, and I have been using this set relentlessly. So far, it has survived not one, but TWO amateur golfers learning how to play, and is in great shape. This set has been used, and abused (as is most sets used by beginners), and it has held up really well. I would highly recommend this set to a beginner, not only for the quality of the set, but also for the price. There are many sets available, and it gets hard to choose which set to get. This set has performed well for us (my brother and I), and it still rocks! It feels very good in my hands, and has a certain "forgiveness" when hitting the ball.
  • M. McElroy - Happy TummyThis is one of two brands my doctor recommends to maintain the health of my digestive system. I travel frequently and find that this product helps my system deal well with the various foods it gets to meet.
  • Michael Kolmet - Muy bien espaniolI have "Weight Lifting for Dummies" (Australian edition) at home and found it evidence based, hence my confidence in "Spanish for Dummies". I am not disappointed. The authors are well credentialed, and the methodology is underpinned by the well establish Berlitz language school. The clues for the variation in choice of vocabulary in different Spanish speaking countries will please anyone who intends to communicate with a wide variety of Spanish speakers. The sound CD is also very helpful in attuning one's ears to understanding a new foreign language.