Fairfield Medical Center - Project BRIGHT Update - We are people you know offering care you trust. Serving more than 250,000 residents in Fairfield, Perry, Hocking and Athens counties and employing more than 2,000 individuals, Fairfield Medical Center is proud of its role in the community. Our 222-bed, nonprofit, 501 (c) 3 hospital located in Lancaster, Ohio, provides full-service, general acute health services.

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  • DVC Member - Very helpful bookI LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! Not only is it about Disney World but if your going to be a first time visiter it will be very helpful in planning your vacation. If you are planning a trip to Disney World I would highly recommend a purchase of this book. You'll be able to compare the different resorts (on and off property) plus see information for everything you will want to do while your there.
  • E. Danilenko - Very nice tabletI've owned the TF201 for over a month now, and although I had to return my first one for hardware issues, I still think this is the best Android tablet available today. It is thin, light, and fast with a great screen. The sound from the speaker is surprising good. Even after the replacement, the wi-fi receptivity is still a little weak, but I'm not having the same problems with the wi-fi radio needing to be switched off and on to regain the signal. The other hardware issue I had was the keyboard dock not working properly even after firmware upgrades. Because I had to wait over a month for a dock, it took me some time to discover this problem. Amazon's return process was seamless. With the dock, this tablet makes a very nice travel laptop replacement with amazing battery life. Asus tech support is terrible. It took almost 2 weeks to receive a response to my support e-mail about the keyboard dock issue.