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  • Tammy M. Jewell "tmjewell2" - Simple, helpful, and detailed!My 9-yr-old daughter received this book as a guide to her 4H project of cake decorating. The pictures and explanations are very detailed and simple to understand. As it turned out, a cake decorator friend of ours uses this same book for her elaborate cakes. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to get started or to expand their collection.
  • Jimmie - is Relief Now possable?As a health fanatic, yoga practitioner and Amazon Best selling Author of Back Pain relief in 45 mintues, Back pain treatment without Drug's, Doctors or Surgery (Quick Health) I have knowledge of body mechanics. Susan and Esther books are there. They help you set up simple and elegant life-changing movements. they are good about bringing the old world into the new. thanks

    -Marcus Norman
  • JLLouis - Excellent C# Book.While I would not recommend this as a first-time programming book, this book is definitely great for those who have prior programming experience and want to learn C#.

    Screenshots of Visual Studio and programs running are very helpful, but I wish that diagrams were used more often to explain data structures such as different types of arrays and enumerators. For fundamental understanding through visualization I recommend Illustrated C# 2012; that will make a very good companion to this as it more thoroughly explains the concepts behind the underlying mechanics of C#.

    The feature of this book that I appreciate the most is the exercises at the end of each chapter, it ensures that you understand the concepts just taught by testing your abilities to solve the problem presented by using the techniques demonstrated in that chapter.

    Overall, this is a very good book for those who are not brand new to programming and would like to learn visual C#: it's straight to the point, clear examples, thorough explanation, and provides excercises to validate your understanding of the concepts.

    Give it a try.
  • Weston Green - An Acquired taste that is good for the bodyI have been consuming the RAW MEAL replacement formula now for three weeks.
    While the taste is certainly less than to be desired, it does get better with time and the choice of low sugar juice that you mix with it. i prefer Blueberry juice mixed with mine. I also started out slowly... mixing only one scoop with a glass of juice, then one and a half, and now am up to two scoops mixed with a glass of juice.

    Believe me, when i first tasted the product I wanted to put it down and go eat a greasy breakfast but now i love it, I crave it in the mornings,and I truly am confident I am putting good things in my body in the mornings.

    I have lost 10 pounds this month. i have also been eating more vegetarian, organic meals with my family, took myself off birth control pills, and began the Raw Meal. It's interesting when I drink this because I also crave a fresh, organic Avacado for lunch.

    So if you are considering buying this stuff, make sure you do purchase your favorite low sugar, organic juice to consume it with and go in gradually. One day I will be ready to consume it with water. :)

    It's a great product that I recommend.