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  • N. Bilmes "bookaholic" - Fantastic Fantasy Resource & Bill James Abstract Replacement Level InformationIn the vernacular of BP, this year's book is 10.0 WARP, and ranks right up there with the mid-1980s Abstracts that Bill James used to put out in terms of giving owners added edge in competition with other members of their fantasy leagues. This year's section on top-prospects is going to be my most-referenced part of the book, as no one comes up with better MLEs than BP. As usual, the sections on each team offer a look back at this past season and the upcoming season's prospective performance for key, and not-so-key players.

    The ecopy I ordered:
    *Is readable with decent size font (I know I can change the font)
    *an index for each team and the prospect section (this year there are 101)
    *Best yet, for fantasy drafting purposes, an index at the back where you can click on any player's name and his comments and stats will immediately pop up. On the screen, not on the field. Hopefully.

    Good luck this fantasy season. Unless you're in one of my leagues.
  • Rafael Josť Frogone Livieres - Very good tabletThis tablet is very recommendable. It's perfect for me for University, and I combined it with the dock to make it sort of like a netbook.
  • C. Crosby - Bluntly: It's great!I'm a redhead with verryy sensitive skin that is battling acne. I never used to receive compliments on my skin. However, when I wear this foundation I get compliments because my skin looks much better than it did with liquid foundation (I was using Prescriptives). I do think that it doesn't last as long as the advertisements claim, but if you touch it up it'll stay with you. I'm a busy college student who debates if I should wear something other than pajamas to class, but always have time to quickly do my makeup. It literally takes one minute for me to apply mascara and foundation etc.