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Country: Europe, UA, Ukraine

  • Peter A. Greene - Travel the World with This Great CollectionA great collection of pieces that take you to another part of the world.

    "A Prison, A Paradise" John Jeremiah Sullivan visits with his wife's family in Cuba create a rich and nuanced portrait of the country's oddly split personality

    "The Bull Passes Through" Kevin Chroust's brief but intense reflection on running with the bulls in Pamplona

    "The Way I've Come" Judy Copeland travels to New Guinea to climb a mountain, looking for something.

    "Blot Out" Colleen Kinder tries being a foreign woman on the testosterone-soaked streets of Cairo with and without a niqab

    "The Year I Didn't" Daniel Tyx's very brief piece about not walking the US/Mexico border. Either deep or navel-gazing, depending on your tastes

    "Tea and Kidnapping" Sarah A. Topol talks to some friendly Egyptian kidnappers about their oddly-pleasant technique for using foreign tourists for fundraising

    "The Paid Piper" Grant Stoddard tries his hand at being a native guide to dumpster diving for foreign tourists in NYC. Yes, that's a thing.

    "Dentists without Borders" David Sedaris prefers his french dentist, and because he's David Sedaris, it's all funny

    "Confessions of a Packing Minimalist" Lynn Yaeger's first-world problems essay is the one flat-out misfire in the book. She thinks she's charming, but if you travel, you've probably run across her, and you hate her.

    "Summerland" Peter Jon Lindberg on Maine and the virtues of returning to the same vacation spot year after year

    "The Wild Dogs of Istanbul" Bernd Brunner gives a brief but entertaining look at a problem you didn't even know existed

    "Bombing Sarajevo" Dimiter Kenarov returns to Sarajevo where snowboarders are trying to use the remaining husk of the former Olympic venue to bridge culture clash with winter sports

    "Vietnam's Bowl of Secrets" David Farley looks for the secret family recipe for a noodle only made and found one place in the world

    "Babu on the Bad Road" Jesse Dukes travels to Tanzania to learn if a local wise man has really discovered a cure for almost everything

    "The Pippiest Place on Earth" I didn't know that England has Dickens World amusement park. Sam Anderson has now been there twice, and he throws in a real Dickens tour for good measure

    "Dreaming of El Dorado" Marie Arana takes us on one of the grimmest trips in the book, traveling to the gold mines of Peru. Warning: it will not make you feel good about whatever gold jewelry you own.

    "Caliph of the Tricksters" Christopher de Ballaigue's trip to talk to an Afghanistan writer becomes a tour through the cockfighting world of Kabul

    "A Farewell to Yarns" Ian Frazier reflects on how technology has swiped out the art of travel lying

    "Pirate City" Rich Cohen does an impressive job of compacting the story of New Orleans, Barataria, and the LaFitte brothers into a short, stirring tale

    A variety of length, tones and destinations makes this book an entertaining and informative read. The this is travel journalism, travel memoir, and travel history without the fluff and puff all in one book. Highly recommended.
  • B. Green "Avid reader" - Sweat No More!This product is Amazing. Had previously purchased this product from Wal-Mart, but could no longer find it on their shelves. Once a week use will leave your underarms dry and your clothing without underarm stains. Works as well or better than the prescription product I was always having to purchase from the pharmacy.
  • tracy laughton - Quickbooks Pro ReviewI have used the free version of Quickbooks for years, but as my business grew, I finally had to upgrade. I didn't consider anything other than Quickbooks. The appearance & set up is quite different than my free version, if I wasn't computer savy I would probably have to take a training on how to use it, but I am slowly figuring out where everything is at & becoming a little quicker with it. Overall very happy, just wish each version looked a little more like the other.
  • Emmell Seasmith "Barely Literate" - Do Not Buy This Cable Used!WARNING! Do not buy (sell) this cable used! Since these cables have been (will be) repeatedly cited as a source of level 3 temporal flux there is a non-trivial chance that you will be (have been) buying (selling) the cable from (to) yourself which will (already has) create(d) a non-trivial tear in the space-time continuum (New Jersey). Also, no "new cable" smell.

    I recommend using Uranium Ore to keep the cable fresh and clean.
  • B. Williams ""We must be the change we wi... - Hacker Trolls stopped deadA decade ago, I was using Zone Alarm internet security, which used the Kaspersky antivirus platform- I purchased it based on the Kaspersy antivirus reviews, and after a computer at work had been hacked... badly. I never had security issues again, even when I was targeted by a group of internet trolls. When I began reviewing for Amazon Vine a few years back, Kaspersy internet security was offered, so I grabbed it. I've been very happy with Kaspersky internet security, and with each new product, it just keeps getting better. I utilize every function, from antivirus to virtual keyboard. Kaspersky covers you in just about every way... they thought of everything. There are functions to prevent phishing, keyloggers, cookie theft, malware, etc. It's kept all of my systems safe, even when targeted by trolls whose favorite hobby is hacking personal systems. I just upgraded to the 2012 platform, and will continue to stay with Kaspersy as long as they keep turning out quality products that keep me and my systems safe.