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  • M. Trainer "bargain hunter" - Totally impressed!My husband and I have been TTC for 6 months now with no luck. We decided we were going to try one more month and then take a break for a while because it was mentally and emotionally exhauting getting a negative each month. I thought "what the heck, I'll give this stuff a try. It can't hurt right?" AS it was being shipped I read more reviews that said not to use it if you had a regular cycle because it would mess your cycle up. I decided to try it anyway. After takin gthis for 2 weeks I finally got the "egg white" CM that everyone talks about, and when I ovulated i KNEW it. I went against my best judgement and took an HPT on 9 DPO, and it was negative. I was down in the dumps and just waiting on my period to start. The day my period was due I waited around all day, and nothing! I took another HPT the very next morning and low and behold POSITIVE! Took another one the next day and it was positive too! I am a believer that Fertilaid really does help! I took it for 2 weeks, and now I'm giving the rest to a friend who is also TTC.
  • Peppersnack - Awesome TabletAlways wanted a tablet and this was highly recommended by a friend of mine and so happy I decided to get this one. Easy to use, to see and take with me just about wherever I go without having to use a laptop.
  • Pamela - Best heating pad I have usedThis heating pad is long so it fits all across my lower back. It is also soft and comfy. The 2 hour shut off timer is a great feature since I tend to fall asleep. My old pad was a small square and felt like I was laying on wires. Not this one. This is the best pad and it is a good price for what you get.
  • BMW Driver - Small Business Book StudyI purchased 17 copies of this book for my small business. I separated my employees into 2 groups, and we read the book together. We separated it into 8 weeks, about 20 pages per week. It went great! The book is an easy read. I found that even with the diverse group of backgrounds people have at my company, everybody could relate to this story. I highly recommend it to any leaders in business or anything really if you want your team to have a common language and get closer together. This book really delivers.