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  • Candis Wright - Still Hitting Homeruns with H&R Block Tax SoftareWe've been using H&R Block exclusively since 2005. For the three years prior to that we used HRB and the other major competitor -- we bought both, did our taxes, and all three years the competitor gave us a smaller tax refund.

    PLUS we own two businesses and the HRB software handles the corporate return FLAWLESSLY every year. Corporate taxes are due MARCH 15 (not April 15) -- and we're usually done inputting the data by early Feb. Because Congress and the President are always tweaking how they're going to tax us taxpayers to death we like to wait until at least early February each year to get the "final" updates and thereby minimize changes, amendments AND correspondence with the IRS. This isn't HRB's problem -- just the greedy politicians we keep electing to Washington, D.C.

    Thank you H&R Block.
  • Jim - Love it, use it daily.If you're considering purchasing Autodesk Sketchpad Pro 2011 for yourself, I highly recommend that you download and test drive the fully operating trial software from Autodesk's website (usable free for 15 days).

    I also recommend watching the10 minute video review of Sketchbook Pro 2010 (the previous version to the one under review) by John Muhlenkamp at ID Sketching dot com. (Search for idsketching sketchbook pro review.)

    I'm an illustrator and I've always done my professional work an old-fashioned way, with pen & ink and watercolor. But I love using Sketchbook Pro with my Wacom Bamboo pen tablet (model CTL-460). The tablet came with Corel Painter Essentials 4 software, which has a drawing & painting module as well as a "photo painting" module. It's okay, but I prefer Autodesk Sketchbook Pro because I find the interface smoother to work with. This preference is in large part as subjective as are my preferences for certain brands of watercolors, watercolor paper, inks, nibs, and brushes. As an artist I want to work with materials that facilitate a seamless flow between creative impulse and art object, and Sketchpad Pro allows that; I never feel that the software is an obstacle.

    I have also tried painting software called Pixarra TwistedBrush Pro Studio. The interface between TwistedBrush and my Wacom tablet is not nearly as smooth as is the interface between the tablet and Sketchbook, in that I just don't have as much control over the pen when using TwistedBrush as I do when using Sketchbook. I find using Sketchbook as natural and comfortable as drawing on good quality paper in pen & ink with an ultra smooth nib. When I use pen & ink and watercolor, once I make a coloring decision I rarely change it, as in most cases changing it would require starting the entire piece over from scratch. With Sketchbook I can experiment with colors to get a sense of what might work best on paper.

    I like the symmetry tool in Sketchbook that Corel Painter Essentials 4 lacks, but I wish Sketchbook had the gradient fill feature that Corel Painter Essentials 4 has. The only other con I can think of for Sketchbook compared to CPE4 is that inserting text into a sketch in Sketchpad is not as intuitive a process as it is (for me, at least) in CPE4 (e.g., if I want to enter text into a cartoon balloon). The help for Sketchbook is online; clicking on help opens a web browser. This is not a problem for me given that I have a broadband connection.

    I love Sketchbook Pro and use it every day. Definitely test out the trial version if you're considering buying it for yourself.
  • Dana Wilson - Great Product, without the side effects.This product is the perfect weight loss supplement for me. It works really well without the harmful side effects that other products tend to have. I have been using this product for about 3 weeks now and there was never a day that I felt nauseous or heavy. I really believe that it is safe and effective. To date I have lost 6 pounds but most of all, I feel wonderful. I've convinced my mother to take it too and so far she has lost 8 pounds and feels great! I've found that the Pure brand Garcinia seems to be the best bang for your buck. I'm buying more!!!
  • Patricia R. Andersen "redheaded booklover" - cheap at twice the price"Night" by Alice Munro is well worth the price of admission alone. I found the essays extremely interesting. Some complained that the essays didn't contain, say, a political view. After all this mess with the government shutdown, I was happy _not_ to read anybody's particular political view.

    Vanessa Veselka's essay "Highway of Lost Girls" is about M's Veselka's possible escape from being a victim of a truck stop serial killer. It's spooky to realize how close some one can come to danger and somehow not not to become a victim. Of course, M's Veselka is not entirely sure she was at risk, but just the thought is terrifying.
    There are a lot of other good essays, too. But these two particularly resonated with me and I thought the pair were good examples of the collection.

    I recommend this book highly. You can dive in anywhere in the book and you will find some very good stuff to read.
  • Vickie T. - Can't believe how easy this wasI have been saying for years that I needed to prepare a will and health care directive, but I kept procrastinating because I thought it would be time consuming and complicated. If I had known that I could do it myself with a program like this and that it would be this easy, I would have done it a long time ago.

    WillMaker Plus installed quickly and easily on my Windows 7 laptop. The program then led me step by step through the preparation of my documents. I used it to prepare my will and health care directive and the process could not have been easier. One feature that I really appreciated is that the program remembers information you entered for one document and automatically fills in subsequent documents. For example, I entered my sister's name and contact information while preparing my will. When I entered her name again in the health care directive, the program automatically filled in her contact information.

    I highly recommend WillMaker Plus to anyone who needs to prepare a will or any of the many other legal documents that can prepared using this program.