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  • M. Wolf - Big Footprint - however great productThis is the third Brother Printer I have owned.
    I have been thrilled with all three.

    This inkjet has the ability to scan and print 11 x 17 which is a great option.
    great for small posters and signage
    Great for scanning legal or other larger documents

    One of the best things was this was very easy to install
    - the set up of the machine itself and connecting it wireless took less than 5 minutes
    - the included software installed with no problems and even gave me the option of going to the web to get the newest drivers.

    Print quality is typical for inkjet printer.
  • Mark Twing "Mark" - Best Tablet EVER!!!The most amazing fastest tablet ever!!! I get better wifi reception with the tf201 than with my nexus s. GPS is slow but who cares, I mean are you really planning on strapping this on your dashboard for navigation? I doubt it. Don't listen to all the haters, they are probaly apple loving DB's anyway. Don't overpay the DB's who bought this up only to resell it. $499 - 32 GB and $599 - 64 GB.
  • Robert "Insane Music Fanatic/ Musician" - Why In The World Is this Album Critisized?!This is a great album! it's better than animals and Earth Mother put together! why do poeple hate it? this album really speaks to me. The Music is incredible, like Dark Side of the Moon all over again. It is really nice, and the songs are just beautiful. The Pink Floyd sound is the same, just with no ausom Rodger Waters... But so what?! just becasue the Pink Floyd genious isn;t in this album doen;t mean you shouldn;t give it a chance! this is Pink Floyd's last album, and it really is sort of saying good bye, the songs are sort of speaking to you, (if you listen to it enough). In conclusion, this is an essential for a Pink Floyd collection no argument.
  • Neville Blyth - BrillianceHowey deserves the accolades flowing for Wool - it is the first piece of fresh and innovative SciFi I have read in a long while. From the first chapters, I was captivated by the concepts, and the work has literally changed the way I view the world.
    Do yourself a favour and escape into this world.