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  • Edward C. Callahan Jr. "voracious reader" - Kindle for businessMy wife encouraged me to buy the Kindle after she saw Jeff Bezos on Oprah with the discount coupon offered by Oprah. My goal was to have a device on which to read business books. I have often wanted to quote something I read in a business book and been frustrated because it is not with me or I can't find it even when I find the book. Kindle solves all that. I can open a book on Kindle and search key words and be brought directly to the reference I want to use. Since it is online it is also able to look up the definitions of unfamiliar words as I come across them. What if I ever lost it or broke it? Everything I have ever bought is backed up for me automatically in Amazon's "cloud". By the way, it stores up to 200 books and then you can add an SD storage card if you have to do so. Now all Amazon has to do it manufacture more of them!
  • Patricia Lattanzio - No More Suffering!Nine months ago I purchased the book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle, by Elaine Gottschall. At that time, my son was considering intestinal surgery for Crohn's Disease. Even on numerous medications and after a ten day hospital stay he continued to lose weight and experience pain. However, within a few days of beginning the Specific Carbohydrate Diet he improved dramatically. He, currently, has no symptoms of Crohn's Disease, is off all medications and has gained 25 pounds. All his lab results have also returned to normal. These include electrolytes, cholesterol, LDL (was low), HDL (above average), iron and C-reactive protein (a marker of systemic inflammation). This book and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet is a necessity for anyone with intestinal or autoimmune disease and/or autism. The results speak for themselves!The above review was written almost 4 months ago. However, since there has been further improvement in my son's condition I am adding a few more lines. Another SCD miracle has occurred! Today, August 12, 2003, my son had an Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Colonoscopy and the gastroenterologist found NO evidence of Crohn's Disease or any other inflamation including his fistula. He is so impressed with this diet that he has begun recommending it to all his patients - some of whom have already improved. Thanks, Elaine Gottschall, for being who you are - a loving, caring woman who has devoted her life to helping others.
  • Speed Racer - WARNING! Tuscan with a C, not a K!!!This summer, my girlfriend and I decided to go on a adventurous vacation. After a quick game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors, I won the right to choose our destination. Undecided, I channeled the wisdom of Prince Akeem of Zamunda. I borrowed a beautiful globe, gave it a spin, and stopped the rotation with my right index finger. Wherever my finger landed was where we were headed! To our surprise, my finger landed on Cortona, Italy!

    Ironically, the Tuscan Sun Festival was a month away! My childhood dreams of sipping fine Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 1 fl oz was about to become a reality! Instead of the 69.99 price, we could get it for half the price! When I realized the seats on the plane were the same exact color of Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon 128 fl oz, I nearly fainted!

    After checking in at the Grand Hyatt Tuscany, we decided to hit the lobby bar. There, we met Scott the bartender. Imagine David Hasselhoff, sans chest hair. Scott was cool, but he had a major sneezing problem! Maybe it was my knockoff Tuscan Whole Milk cologne (at 699.00 a bottle, there was no way I could afford the real thing). After two bottles of Tuscany's finest Pinot Noir, Scott gave us the 411 on the Tuscany Sun Festival. We were excited about the music, dancing, and delicious foods he described. We left him a fat 77 cent tip and waved goodbye!

    The festival was unbelievable! Everywhere I looked, I saw kids playing and couples having sex in public! I was just about to cop a feel when my girlfriend yelled, "I FOUND IT!" What she found was a TusKan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz booth! I grabbed her hand and ran as fast as I could! As we ran, all I could think about was that cold, pus and blood infected goodness flowing down my esophagus!

    The booth made me feel ten years old again! But something wasn't right. Instead of red plastic caps, the caps here were purple. MooMoo, the cow, was eating grass instead of jumping over the moon! At 6.99 a gallon, it was a steal compared to! Those three factors should have raised flags, but I was seduced by the beautiful, ivory hue of the plastic jug! We bought three cases, hopped in a cab, and headed back to the Hyatt.

    As we each drank a jug of ice cold Tusken Whole Milk, 1 gallon, 128 fl oz, I noticed the word "Tuscan with a c," was misspelled "TusKan" with a K. Seconds later, MooMoo the cow turned into a unicorn! The last thing I remembered was Scott the bartender singing, "Hooked On A Feeling!"

    To make a long story short, my life hasn't been the same since! I started off drinking gallons of Tusken every morning. When that no longer got me high, I started using Tusken Whole Milk intravenously! I now cook it with baking soda, cut it into tiny pieces, and smoke it through a Coke Zero can!

    Don't be a cheapskate. Stop reading this, and order a jug of Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz right here on!
  • Jerry McGillivray - A Must Read!!!I obtained this book about a month ago. I started reading it one night and literaly couldn't put it down till I had finished it. I have always had so many questions about the timing of the rapture even after attending Bible School, hearing many sermons and teachings, studing the Word myself over the years. I believe the Lord has really blessed John with fresh revelation on this subject. After being so inspired I called him and ordered 40 copies and have been handing them out to my pastor friends and to anyone who has an open mind. Really have had some positive feedback. This to me is a real must read. Thanks John for being obedient and taking the time and effort into this book. Jerry McGillivray, ECHO Ministry, Chinook, Montana