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  • alohagirl808 - Great stroller!!!The things we love about this stroller...

    -the canopy is big and extends far and when that's not enough, we can push it forwars some so it still shades our daughter but leaves enough space where she can still see.
    -folds easily and collapses into a small footprint so there's more space in our trunk
    -easy recline
    -basket has enough room to store my medium size purse plus a couple of small items
    -My daughter like the bend bar
    -comfortable to push for both me and my husband
    -nice looking, easily to clean, good quality
    -small cup holder

    -tips overs backwards sometimes when we hang our diaper bag on the back and it's totally full (I mean very full and heavy with several bottles of water, snacks, clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, etc) and our daughter is not sitting in it.

    We wanted a small lightweight stroller with better quality than a standard umbrella stroller, and this one is great. Would totally recommend.
  • Kermit Van Roekel - Great tabletLittle tough learning and you must realize that tablet apps are not the same as a full pc. Good unit, nice screen. Wife loves it, perfect size.
  • James John Hollandsworth, M.D. - Ideal Travel Planner & CompanionWith the plethora of information available on the internet for free, sometimes I wonder why travel books are needed anymore. Then I look at a Frommer's book and I remember:

    1. A Dozen "best" lists, all curated, reliable, and from someone who isn't trying to sell me something or taking money under the table--- best museums, wineries, affordable hotels, romantic escapes--- when I read it in Frommer's I don't have to second guess whether I can rely on the information.

    2. Itineraries--- suggested self tours for families, wine lovers, for short and long trips

    3. In depth sections on every area of France, from Paris to Burgundy to the Alps, all in one place.

    4. Almost 800 pages of densely packed information-- more than any website, all in your hand.

    A marvelous resource both for planning and during your trip. Highly recommended.