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  • K. Moy "klm" - Right sized lil toughy!We have 4 Timbuk2s in the family! The 4th is this Snoop Camera Messenger Bag in XS. I have a Nikon7000 and wanted to have it in a small enough (but protective!) case to go on our trip to Costa Rica. This one does it for me! I ran across this while looking for a small Timbuk2 and the camera insert. I didn't even know they did the work for me!! So happy I have a great solution. My only complaint is that the XS does not have the advertised tripod straps on the bottom. Could've come in handy. :( But, not worth marking the bag down a star, since it is all that I wanted +. Are you guys gonna make a messenger for our dog? He's the only one left without!
  • Lauren Larson - Better than mostLong before anyone was walking around with an organizer, I was ridiculed for doing so. I've got the last laugh now, because most people have them -- either paper or electronic on their PDAs. I never found a calendar to be enough to organize tasks, etc., so the first one I got so many ages ago was one that I created for myself.

    I've used them all - from DayTimer to Covey to generic products at the drug store, the esoteric Planner Pads, which was one of my faves - and the electronic types. I got one of the first software systems for organizers decades ago and found it very useful -- but never really got into ensuring that everything I wrote down in it throughout the day got into the computer version.

    In fact, using different organizers was a mini-hobby ... if a new one came out, I just had to try it. There came a time that my place was over-run with various organizer binders to an embarrassing level. But as a writer, this was easy to justify for me.

    The reasons I like this one are many. This one is simple but better than the average organizer you find in the office store. The layout is superior: you get a long list on the left for Tasks (phone calls, e-mail, etc) - and because it is one long list you can cut it up as you like or use it more as a priority list. Each day has its own column with a timeline that is great for appts and deadlines. The bottom of the page has more space for projects, deadlines, goals/projects, results and next action step which is great for brainstorming and actual due projects.

    I don't usually take it with me for fear of losing it - but if I wanted to, this is just the right size. I use a small desk so I don't want something that takes up too much room. I find it is best for me to use a combo of systems -- a hard calendar I can glance down at and add info anytime to and more in-depth projects on the computer. I also use a tickler system with an accordian file numbered 1-31 days and a twelve month one. In that I put documents that have deadlines and other stuff that would not fit into the calendar well. Just mentioning that in case it is helpful for someone else. Between the two - I stay very organized.

    The only thing I would complain about was that the new one I got for 2013 arrived with the month of November missing. I wrote to the company and received no response. I'll add those pages myself, but it was annoying. Also - the pen holder on the side broke right away. Also, I like side tabs which they don't come with, but that was easily fixed.

    All in all, I would choose this one over most any of the others I had. The Daytimers and Coveys are great for in-depth planning, but this works better as a day-to-day activity log that has just what you need to attend to task completion -- as well as plan ahead.
  • devilt "DEVILTOFURI" - The perfect chair whether ur 5'1 or 6'1This chair is perfect! I searched & searched, as I am only 5'1 so most chairs are too big for me. This one fits me perfectly w/o feeling like I'm in a kids seat. The "leather" is nice, the stitching really makes it look expensive & I sit properly in this. Plenty of spine support. I recently downsized & now my brother is using it. He's 6'1, 227lbs & loves it. He traded out his $300 costco chair for this one. He said the same thing about spinal support & sitting properly in the chair & feels his posture is much better off now.