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  • Pamela - Can't wait for the next one!!!!!OMG!!! I could feel Gabe's stares, hands and everything else while reading this book. This one was HOT!!! This one kept me squirming. Not to mention while Gabe and Ash were trying to keep everything hidden from her big brother Jace!!! Suspenseful!! The last quarter of the book didn't not go as anticipated but it was better!!! I am anxiously awaiting the second book in the "Breathless" Trilogy.
  • Maggie Sandcliffe - Exceptional InformationThis book was hands down the best thing I have read during pregnancy. It gave me fair, balanced information and helped me advocate during my pregnancy for the appropriate tests and care I needed.
    Despite what some of the one-star reviews contend (and I seriously doubt most of these reviewers have read a single page of the book, let alone it cover to cover) this book does not advocate "drinking" or any other behaviour during pregnancy. It is not a guide book of what you can and can't do. Rather it is a wealth of information on the results of medical and scientific studies that allow the reader to come to their own conclusions about what is right for her (and her partner) and her baby-to-be during pregnancy. No one reading a thick book by an economist is looking for an excuse to go engage in reckless behaviour; a reader of this kind of book is looking for the best up-to-date information to guide their decisions about what is best for mother and baby during pregnancy.
    The only thing this book specifically advocates for is mothers (and their partners) who are educated about the options and risks during pregnancy.
    The book answers all the questions that other pregnancy books gloss over with saccharine cliches. This book is respectful of the reader's intelligence--something most pregnancy books seem to completely dismiss.
    It is not only the sections on how to evaluate the dangers of food, environment and, yes, substances, but also the depth at which Oster takes up birth practices and medical interventions.
    My only disappointment with it, and it is not one I hold her accountable for but rather based on my own position as a reader, is that it makes certain assumptions about midwives which are true for the United States but do not transfer to Canadian experience.

    I will be buying this book and gifting it each time a friend gets pregnant because it is the only book that treats pregnant women with this kind of respect and offers such amazing information.
  • 160rAY - Preplan your stopsThis is my second Exit Now and I use it in planning my trips. I find faverate Retraunts, fuel stops and other stops then plot the in my GPS mapping so they show up easily as I travel. I pick it up to find something not planned for and as a look ahead for what is comming up. The new version with construction expectations is great. Do not travel with out even if you have your GPS this looks ahead for you.
  • Jstrue - Excellent Coffee MakerThis Keurig makes great coffee and is so easy to use. I love the versatility in the size of each brew, and the fact that the cups are recyclable. There is no more compromising in the morning about which coffee to brew...everyone gets to pick what they like. Now we always have hot, fresh, excellent coffee.
  • vishal - Nice features and not so expensiveIt was delivered on time as promised. I have been using this tv for a month now and I really like it.
    Initially I thought there was an issue with the sound system but after some settings it worked out well. The app collection is not that great but it has all what i use ie netflix, hulu and crackle. Quality is great! Yes you may find it difficult to handle smart features with the default remote but if you have a smart phone then just download the tv app and it becomes very much convenient.