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  • Debra - Great for the office divaWe have a "girl" in our office who has the feminine.version of all office supplies - pink stapler, pink mouse, pink leopard cover on her phone receiver, you get the idea. These are just exactly what the little diva needs. They will write perfectly on her pink post-it's and pink folders. The sparkling pens will reassure her that she really, really is 'all that'. She can put her little feather plume topper on them and look great bouncing around the office in her little pink skirts and pink Ugs boots holding one of these super-girlie pens.
  • Feenie - Rephresh yourselfThis is doctor recommended. It actually works as it says it will. It's a good preventative remedy too. 2 thumbs up!
  • terster "Terster" - Best price out there for this Red Book volumeAt the time, Amazon had the best price for this book.

    The book is very detailed with what the retail prices are as of 2012, so it's already a tad outdated. But if you find that cool coin somewhere and want an idea of what it may be worth to the right person, this is the book for it.

    I bought this mostly based on price.

    Also, i do like the spiral vs. hard bound. I didn't think it would hold up, but it sure has. I would buy again.

    I will buy again, 2013, when released.