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  • Tatiana - Amazing Product - Don't Discredit Until you Try It !!I had to re-post my response to criticism that there are a lot of "fake" reviews floating around in regards to this product because of credit being offered to reviewers - Firstly I would like to say yes I can understand the suspicion regarding that because they are offering an incentive to encourage members to write a review that they may be biased or written only to receive the reward, but that does not mean blatantly label the reviews as being 'fake'. Think about it - these members are exposed members that already are currently re-buying the product, meaning that it must be working for them. If they are sharing a review to receive credit, they are taking the time and effort to do so for a product they obviously want, otherwise it would be pointless. Encouraging them to share their experiences is helpful to other potential customers and individuals that are looking for a solution to the very frustrating and overwhelming issue of acne/acne prone skin. I personally have suffered from moderate to severe acne for most of life, it has been an ongoing battle. There were days I wouldn't even go out because of the state of my skin and my self-esteem was completely shot. I have used everything under the sun on my skin and nothing seemed to work. I started using the Exposed system about 6 months ago, and I can't even put into words, the dramatic difference I have seen in my overall skin condition/texture. Sure, occasionally I still have breakouts but I have come such a long way, and I credit this to the Exposed line. If you're one of those people that have tried every product you've come across, dabbled in the natural remedies, pursued the pro-active hype and have short term or no luck at all, there is no downside in giving this a try. To be honest, I wish I would have found this a long time ago. But try and see for yourself ! It truly is worth it.
  • B. Rose - Best Bluetooth portable boombox I've used, period.I've reviewed quite a few Bluetooth boomboxes / speakers. This unit is the size of a 'speaker' but packs the punch of a Boombox. It's solid, well-constructed, sleekly designed, easy to use, and just sounds awesome.


    - this thing sounds great. The bass is BOOMING. The unit literally throbs in my hands when I turn it up high and let the bass rip. It's the size of a girl scout cookies box, yet puts out the audio of a full-sized tabletop speaker. This thing rocks.

    - soft-touch plastic accents and metal construction fuse pretty seamlessly here. This unit is HEAVY. Hefting it, you get the immediate impression of solid, quality construction.

    - functionally, this is your standard Bluetooth speaker. Sync it up and control volume from both your phone and the unit itself. It also has a built-in microphone, but I haven't used this for phone calls, and don't plan to. The weatherized design rocks. I don't plan to have this in any extreme conditions, but it's nice being able to bust this out when I'm outdoors and not fret about splashes, rain sprinkles, etc. The rechargeable battery is a must. With technology increasingly built around wireless data/audio and emphasizing portability, why would you shackle yourself to a wall socket?

    - if you are looking for a portable smartphone / tablet speaker, get this. Period. Given its size and portability, this is the best value out there. There are some options for wired speakers that might slightly outperform this... but they're more expensive, and aren't portable. You won't be disappointed with this unit.
  • Wendy Kurtz - Exposed Skin CareI am 49 years old and have suffered off and on from acne for more years than I care to admit. I have tried everything on the market, spent tons and tons of money at my dermatologist, and still, nothing worked. About two years ago, I reached my frustration point. I had 3 under the skin pimples that were painful to the touch. I got online and googled, "best adult acne treatment" and the first thing to come up was Exposed Skin Care. I read countless reviews and did not come across one negative. So, I took the plunge and ordered my first skin care kit. The transformation has been magnificent! Not only has my acne subsided, but acne scars on the side of my face have faded as well. As I mentioned at the onset, I have been using this product for about a year and a half. I have found my lifetime skincare regimen. The secret is the all natural ingredients. They are very gentle on your skin. There are no harsh chemicals to cause that unflattering redness that occur with so many acne products. If you have been suffering with skin problems, please, give Exposed Skin Care a try. You won't be disappointed!